What To Eat And what To Avoid For A Good-Looking Body?

What To Eat And what To Avoid For A Good-Looking Body?

Rather than make energy for our body to work, food plays an important role in improving your body look. So if you are planning to improve your body look, such as lose weight or strengthen muscles…., it is essential to look through the food to eat and the food to avoid.

My article today, as its name, will walk you through two main parts: What to eat and what to avoid for a good-looking body. Let’s discover in details!

What to eat?

What to eat

Green Beans

It is suggested in a Nutrition Journal that eating much green beans or rich-fiber foods can not only prevent weight gain but also enhance weight loss. Scientists proved that women increasing fiber intake have their weight lost while those who decrease the fiber in their diets have their weight gained. To conduct this, the scientists boiled the green beans, following a single weight-loss formula: Increasing about 8 grams fibers per 1,000 consumed calories, and the result they received after all is the loss of almost 4 1/2 pounds. You can check this on your own. If you consume 2,000 calories per day, then you should increase by 16 gram fiber.


The omega-3 oily acids in fatty fish like salmon and tuna can enhance your skin’s capacity to prevent UV damage. A recent study published in the American Clinical Nutrition Journal showed that those who put in over 5 ounces of omega-3-rich fish every week were in less risk of precancerous skin lesions by about 30 percent. Scientists assumed that omega-3 has the same role as a shield, which protects cell wall from radical damage.


Putting in about a cup of mixed berries (for example strawberries, red raspberries, blueberries) every day within 8 weeks will help to improve good HDL cholesterol level and lower blood pressure as well—two important factors affecting your heart health. The various polyphenols, health-improving plant compounds which contain anthocyanins and ellagic acid, is responsible for the experiential benefits.


It is proven that eating foods which have much amount of water like watermelon, will keep you pleased with fewer calories. With 92 percent of water, this fruit is a great source of vitamin C. When it becomes red (sometimes yellow or orange), it is also a good source of lycopene which helps to protect you from heart disease and some cancer types as well. Some other foods which include much water are salad greens (90 percent), cucumbers (95 percent)…


The proper amount of vitamin-C rich foods like oranges, tomatoes…is a secret for smoother skin. Study in the American Clinical Nutrition Journal showed the connection between vitamin C-rich foods and youthful skin. According to this study, the more vitamin C from foods you put in, the less risk of wrinkled skin middle-age women will be. The youthful effects of Vitamin C on skin might be thanks to its antioxidant components, protecting you from ultraviolet rays, and keeping your skin strong and firm through collagen synthesis.

What food to avoid?

Beside eating right kind of food, you also need to stay away from some kinds of food if you want to grow healthy and beautiful. Here is the list of should-avoided food.

What food to avoid

Fast Food

There is no doubt that if you wish a flat tummy, you had better say no to fast food. Most of fast foods are full of trans fats, sugar, and poor in fibre, which means that you are not going to receive vitamins Bs which change trytophan into serotonin which makes digestion slower and generates blood sugar disregulation which contributes to weight gain.

Brussels Sprouts

Being considered as a nutritious, low-cal veggie, but brussels sprouts is not bikini-friendly. Although brussels sprouts come with fiber and nutrients, they can be the reason of gas and GI development. Therefore, you can include it in your diet for fiber benefits, but slowly. They are not good for your body appearance.

Final Words

So let’s think of your own habits, have you eaten in right way? If yes, maintain it, if not, re-consider and my article can be a reliable knowledge source. Wish you eat well and good-looking appearance!