How to build muscle ?

How to build muscle ?

You want to have your muscle mass grown and calories burned efficiently? Yeah, this can not be done overnight but you yourself can make gradual effort to get it through proper diet and exercises.

How to build muscle


There are some notes which need to be follow when it comes to eating for better muscle.

Take in more caloric

In more detailed words, if you are now consuming 2,000 calories every day, increase the number to 2,500 or even higher, however, please make sure of cleaning eating and not too much eating.

Put in enough protein for your muscle growth

Set the goal of from 1 to 1.8 grams of protein for each kilo of bodyweight. Fro instance, if you are 180lb weight , eat at least 81-146g, or 2.8-5oz of protein a day.

Take in enough water

Your body needs enough water to boost your muscle at an optimum rate. There is a helpful formula to calculate the amount of water: body’s weight in lbs X 0.6 equals water drunken in ounces.

Eat regularly

We habitually have two or three large meals every day, which is not really good for your muscle growth, let’s try some changes. Try dividing your meals into five or six smaller meals during the day. And remember to include high protein intake.

Eat fat

Yeah, it is true. Rather than make food taste fine, fat is good at enhancing your muscle, of course on the the condition that you take in right kind and proper amount of fat as well. Saturated fats ( often found in butter, chips, or bacon) should be restricted to no more 20g .

Include more vitamins in your meals

Put in enough vitamins of all kinds. Besides a reasonable diet, put in multivitamin to your dietary regimen properly, which will claim that you are providing enough vitamins and minerals for your body to stay healthy? Vitamins come in various options, and you need to consider some factors like your gender, your age, your health condition and diet needs before deciding on what and how much vitamin to take it.


Your effort of building muscle can’t finish with your expected result if you simply maintain a good diet without exercising. This exercise guides below are to teach you how to exercise correctly.

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Warm up

Before beginning any exercise, let’s start with a small intensity routine which is supposed to warm up the muscles that you’re going to work on. This step is simple but influences your process much. Not only does it draw you into right mind frame, it also protect you from injuries. Note that you should spread a cold muscle. Unlike many people’s belief, it is proven that pre-workout spread does not prevent injury and might result in a poorer performance.

Work harder, but shorter

Exercising in high reps is helpful for reinforcing endurance, but gives no benefits in building size or strength. Alternatively, set the routine of 3 to 8 each muscle group, and 6-12 reps for each set. Your ending rep is often very hard to be done. If it’s not, raise the weight you’re lifting.

Here are some more suggestions for the guides of work harder but shorter:

  • Set you’re the length of your overall training to about 45 minutes every day.
  • Change your routine after 4 to 6 weeks of following. Once your body gets used to stress, you’ll reach a pot where the effectiveness of the workout begins to weaken. And then, you should changes things to prevent this. Some of suggested changes are increase weight, change exercises. Let’s your body about one week to get used to the higher weights while conducting between two and four reps at the hugest weight before coming to your own proper form.

Work your whole body

The maximum result can only be gained when your howl body gets involved in the routine. The more muscles you take part in the training, the more hormones will be generated, which then enhances muscle growth, not only during your training, but also for the whole day. Here are some tips to get the whole body involved in your training.

  • Pay attention to every muscle group equally, which will support stable training, growth, and flexibility as well.
  • Complex exercises like dead-lifts, squats…need a range of muscles.
  • It is optional to train the while body in each single session, or split your sessions between. For instance, today you do the upper body, and tomorrow, you deal with the lower body.
  • Do not rush. Advanced people tend to lift too much weight within a short time. This offers certain benefits, but it puts yourself in higher risk of injury. This action is recommended to more advanced athletes only.

Set restriction to your cardio training

Doing cardio is good for burning fat, but it can decrease your muscle growth for it burns up amino acids and glycogen. If you must remain cardio in your fitness routine, then you should follow sprint intervals: Do it within one minute for the whole sprint, after two or three jogging minutes.

Final words

Here are two key factors for muscle building. So if you are desiring a strong and muscle look, I highly recommend you following the guides.