Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike Review

Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike Review

[el56f409ed0e3e3 rating=”4″ anchor=”62+ Customer Reviews” asin=”B003Z9P2P6″ imgurl=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81EIDxOgIsL._SX425_.jpg” imgalt=”Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike”]Diamondback Fitness 510Sr Recumbent Exercise Bike is knows as an innovation in the world of exercise bike. My honest review today will provide you with basic knowledge about it.

What is exactly Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike?

This is a mid-range exercise bike. It claims to offer you excellent but intense workout with a seated position. In term of design, it has both a sculptured back rest and seat support. In term of working way, it helps to reduce the jarring’s impact on the joints and releases back pressure while introducing a remarkably effective aerobic exercise. Are you eager to discover it more? Let’s take a look at the following parts of my review!

What are the main features?

This amazing bike includes some useful features, including:

  • 16 different resistance levels
  • 20 different workout programs
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Adjustable console and adjustable handlebar angles as well
  • A media center with speakers
  • Smooth and friction-free braking system for quiet operation
  • And much more

How is it built?

Here are some important parts built in the machine:

Crank and Pedals

The device come introduces an innovative one-piece crank with large pedals included. The pedals coming with straps make sure that your feet will be fixed to them during your workout. In other words, the crank and pedal claims to give you a smooth and noiseless pedaling experience and the straps claims a good ride while preventing the slippage when you are working out.

Drive System

Although it is not clearly stated by the company, it has no doubt that the product has a perimeter-weighted flywheel to keep the weight of the wheel on the perimeter. Therefore, you will enjoy a smooth and steady circle pedaling, rather than have to move up and down like in some cheaper bikes. And thanks to the smooth ride, your knees, hips and muscles will get less impact. At the same time, noise of the unit will be kept at minimal, allowing you to enjoy your workout better.

Seat and Backrest

Many users express worry about seat and backrest when it comes to investing in an exercise bike. But with this bike, it is useless worrying about these parts for they are claimed to be good enough for you to have an effective exercise. The seat inside it is well-padded with foam inside. It is designed to match your body and give you proper comfort.

The backrest is a mesh seat back, which promises good air ventilation. Overall, this may be the most comfortable seats ever you can get on the market.

The only issue maybe that while the backrest is adjustable to move vertically to work for people of different heights, the lowest position is not low enough to serve  a shorter person. As a result, if you are as short as 5’2”, the you should place an extra cushion like a pillow in the lower back area.

Tension Resistance System

This bike is built with a magic system of tension resistance, which is called the Eddy current braking system. Its function is to offer resistance to raise the intensity during the workout, rather than for baking as its name suggest. It makes use of a compelling yoke to create a vertical magnetic field and the electrical coils to generate the electrical input. The magnet makes tension without requiring any parts to touch one another, claiming a more exact tension. Additionally, the system is long lasting for it comes with no doesn’t include any wear part. It is the key factor making sure that you will have a noiseless workout and without any odor. Moreover, you won’t smell any burning as you feel when using some other machines. I would like to add that you may hear a minor whirling sound as you change the resistance, but don’t worry for it is minimal.

The 16 levels of resistance are more than what you expect, right? Yeah, you should make the best uses of them for the best workout possible. You can adjust the levels from easy to very challenging. And it is said that the level is real and suitable for most of users, it is not too weak or too difficult.

The Display Type and Readouts

The control display introduces a range of functions for you to enjoy. Here is the list of those functions:


This part allows you to choose your desired level before starting your workout. There are 16 available levels for you to choose from. Just move to resistance mode, then use the up and down button until get your wanted level.

Total Time

This reveals you how long your workout is. The time is elapsed, from the beginning of the process. And it will be on within five seconds and then it will be the total time remaining. The two time mode will be automatically switched twice during your workout.

Segment Time

As its name, this part is to show the segment time which account for 1/20th of the total program time. If you want to adjust the switching features to be on and off, then press the arrow key on your right.


This indicates the amount of energy produced with your workout. It is popular in fitness industry and can be used for extra evaluation.

Heart Rate

This data reveals your heart rate in beats per minute (BPM). Generally, if you want to have this part work, please make sure that you grip the sensors at the handlebars properly.

Heart Rate Bar Graph

This is one more remarkable feature coming with the console. The bars contain a light on, showing the maximum heart rate percentages that you are on. Some zones included in it are Warm Up, Fat Burn, Cardio, or Peak.

Matrix Display

This part is to show the resistance level and time intervals that you are conduction your workout at. It is similarly designed to most of the exercise bikes.


It shows you the distance you have traveled from the beginning of the workout, in either Miles or Kilometers.


This field reveals you the amount of calories that you have consumed during your process.


This is where the speed is shown with the unit of RPM ( revolution per minute).

Console Buttons

You will find some buttons on the console as below:

QuickStart Key: This button is for immediately launching the QuickStart program and passing the data entry process.

Stop Key: This button is to pause the machine for five minutes without having to push. If you push and hold this button as long as two seconds, it will reset all the values and changes the machine into idle mode.

Up/Down Arrow Keys: Those buttons are to modify the data in the setup modes.

Fan Control Key: This button is for controlling the fan speed.


This machine offers some additional accessories which you can use during your workout, including:

  • Assimilated speaker system with mp3 connecting port.
  • USB port for charging small electronic items, such as cell phones or mp3 players.
  • Adjustable folding magazine rack, which you then can put an iPad on and watch movies during the workout.
  • Adjustable cooling fan.
  • Water bottle or cup holder.


The machine provides you with an AC power adapter and cord. You should design an area with a wall plug to have the bike work. The power cord is about 55 inches long.


The warranty policy is different among different parts, here are details:

Frame and brake: Life time warranty

Parts: 3-year warranty

Labor: 1-year warranty

Wear items: 90-day warranty


Assembling this bike is simple but it takes time.  In general, it takes you around 2-3 hours since it is a big unit. You will need to put many parts together, but this is not difficult at all. The manual comes with clear illustration of the process. Additionally, every part is diagramed, making it much easier for you to understand the steps.

What are the pros?

Some of pros that you are about to enjoy with this bike include:

  • The bike has a solid building and is made with quality parts.
  • It is firm and stable, compared with other models.
  • It is sleekly designed with a good-looking look.
  • The seat and backrest give enough comfort and are well designed.
  • It is easy to adjust the seat, making it ideal for a range of users in the same house.
  • The console is clear to see, even in a dark space.
  • The functions are various and easy for you to make uses of.
  • It works smoothly and noiselessly, making sure that you will never disturb others while working out.
  • It is durable. You can use it for a long time without problems posed.
  • It comes with various nice accessories, such as speakers, USB charging port….

What are the cons?

Some people complain that it takes them a long time to assemble the machine due to its large size.

Final Words

Ok, after such long and useful information about Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike, it is time to finish my review. So what have you known about this bike now? Is it great and useful for you and your family members? If you say “yes”, let’s make an order to have the product delivered to your house right now!

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