10 Best Plus Size Maternity Leggings

10 Best Plus Size Maternity Leggings

Leggings are flattering, super comfy and go with almost anything you put on.

For pregnant women, the perfect maternity leggings should have a snug enough fit, but still feel soft against the skin. It should also have enough stretch to support your growing bump without being too tight, and look good on you too.

Today, pregnant women of all sizes can find comfy, super-chic, stretchy maternity leggings, including plus size maternity leggings in plain or bold prints, super-soft, and affordable fabrics.

While these options exist on the market, it’s challenging to find a pair that checks all the boxes in terms of fit, proper sizing, and aesthetic beauty among other factors.

We scoured the web to find out the best plus size maternity leggings you can get so you can stay cozy, comfy, and boost your mood during your pregnancy.

Best Plus Size Maternity Leggings

Pregnancy is a great time to put on something that’ll make you feel and look good. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of plus size maternity leggings, here’s a roundup of our top ten picks you can choose from that’ll fit like a dream.

1. ShyCloset Printed Design Women Maternity Fashion Leggings

ShyCloset Women's High Waist Leggings - Print Fashion Plain Solid Yoga Workout Soft Pants Ankle Capri Tights Tummy Control (One, J144)


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This buttery soft pair of maternity leggings comes in 40 different printed colors so you can match them with any outfit.

They’re made from 92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex, with an elastic closure at the waist for extra comfort. They are easy to dress up or down thanks to the breathable four-way stretch material that helps to keep you dry, fresh, and comfortable.

The premium quality wear is also affordable and comes in all sizes including plus sizes, so you can wear with any of your tunics, tops, long shirt dresses, cardigans, or blazers among others. They’re also good for any occasion whether at the gym, camping, on a picnic, a night out, or just hanging out at home.

ShyCloset’s maternity leggings aren’t seamless, but with the pattern it’s hard to notice it. Plus, one size is sure to fit most people, without riding up or weird length issues, which is a huge plus.

You can wash them in cold water and on normal dryer settings, and stay comfortable all day long with freedom of movement no matter what you’re doing.

2. RUMOR HAS IT Maternity Leggings

RUMOR HAS IT Maternity Over The Belly Super Soft Support Leggings (2X Plus, Black)



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These over the belly leggings are super soft thanks to the cotton and spandex material. They’re custom-built and expand with your belly, so they’ll hug your bump and hold it up perfectly in place.

The fabric is soft, breathable and thick, and the simple design will accommodate any kind of outfit and are wearable for many occasions so you can cradle your baby bump in style and comfort.

They’re also specially designed with a belly panel that has an elastic band that’ll grow with your bump, keep you comfortable, and still look stylish and chic. They’re soft leggings that will be your go-to layering piece during pregnancy.

You’ll look terrific in any trimester with this versatile pair, and the over-belly panel won’t pinch or poke. They’re also washable by hand or by machine with like colors.

3. Motherhood Maternity Women’s Maternity Bump Leggings

Motherhood Maternity Women's Maternity Bump Start 2 Pack Under Belly Full Length Leggings, Black and Grey, Large


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The Motherhood Maternity brand offers a huge selection of plus size, compression, fleece-lined, and other types of leggings that pair perfectly for any occasion and outfit.

These particular plus size maternity leggings are made with 96 percent cotton and 4 percent spandex. They feature a pull on closure, and a self-encased elastic criss-cross waistband with the perfect amount of stretch to grow with your bump, or you can wear them post-pregnancy for all-day comfort.

You can machine wash these leggings and layer them during pregnancy, or wear them around the house or with a cute top altogether.

The soft fabric stretches enough for comfort and a flattering fit all day long. Each pack comes with full-length criss-cross mid-belly band leggings with an inseam.

4. QYQ High Waisted Leggings

QYQ Buttery Soft Women's Leggings -10+Colors -High Waisted Yoga Pants w Hidden Inner Pocket, Reg&Plus Size (Black, Plus Size)



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This super-soft, stretchy pair of leggings is made of 92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex for pregnant or non-pregnant women.

You can wear them any way you want, as they’re versatile, fun, and good for your body. Their four-way stretch design can be worn with other outfits in your wardrobe.

They’re also good post-pregnancy for a slimming effect on your hips and glutes so you can still look sexy after pregnancy. The material is non-see through so you can feel comfy and secure, but make sure you pick the right size for yourself.

You can also wear them and move freely without restrictions, and the high waistband hugs your waist to prevent sagging and keep your growing bump in place. It’s the ultimate combo of support and comfort, you won’t ever want to take them off.

They are available in more than 10 colors and over 210 GSM fabric. A hidden waist pocket is available where you can keep your cards and keys too.

5. Motherhood Maternity Women’s Maternity Full Length French Terry Secret Fit Belly Leggings

Motherhood Maternity Women's Maternity Full Length French Terry Secret Fit Belly Leggings, Black, Large


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These super soft and stretchy full-length maternity leggings by Motherhood Maternity have a 29-inch inseam, with a secret fit belly and functional back pockets.

You can wear them during winter or any other season as they’re thick and made of 96 percent cotton and 4 percent spandex. There are two back pockets and sewn shut faux front pockets, and you can wear them to work or wear them to lounge around the house.

They also have a pull on closure, and the seamless stretch maternity panel grows with your baby bump all through your pregnancy.

The French terry fabric is soft and cozy for all-day comfort and you can machine wash them to keep them in perfect state, so you can wear with a tunic or other outfits in your wardrobe.

6. Foucome Women’s Maternity Leggings

These over-the-belly pregnancy leggings by Foucome support your belly with gentle compression and upward lift.

They’re a mom-to-be’s wardrobe favorite, and good for post-pregnancy workout clothes, which also match your active lifestyle. You can wear them for any fitness related activity too.

The leggings are made of soft and comfortable cotton fabric with enough stretch, and different sizing from small to plus size (or XX-Large) length, with a front belly panel that gives more space to your growing bump.

It also has an elastic multi-buttonhole adjustment belt with buttonhole-intensive so you can adjust it according to your own abdominal circumference. The material is 87 percent nylon and 13 percent spandex, with 3D cutting on the full-panel coverage for belly support without adding more pressure on any part of your body.

The maternity belly band also helps combat back pain and round ligament pain by helping reduce pressure from your back while improving your posture.

With its four-way stretch, non-see through fabric, and chafe-resistant seams you’re not restricted as you have freedom of movement. Plus, the moisture-wicking fabric is soft and keeps you feeling cool and comfy all day, every day.

It’s also suitable for warmer weather or you can wear it all year round, during pregnancy and after pregnancy. They can be styled easily from the gym to the couch to the street thanks to the cute ruching details and flattering silhouette. A convenient pocket on the side can carry your smartphone or small essentials.

7. SYRINX High Waisted Maternity Leggings

High Waisted Leggings for Women - Soft Athletic Tummy Control Pants for Running Cycling Yoga Workout - Reg & Plus Size


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Syrinx maternity leggings come in more than 10 available colors including navy blue, white, dark gray, black, red, burgundy, light gray, blue, and mustard. They’re very fashionable so you can pair them with various clothes and shoes and look beautiful with your unique style of dressing for each season.

These comfortable high waistband leggings are made from a cotton-blend fabric with a touch of spandex for comfortable yet easy wear. They’re also cut in a high-rise silhouette with a full elastic wide waistband and slim fit, plus a tummy control wide waistband that contours and streamlines your curves and shape.

Its fabric is soft and stretchy, made from 92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex, so you’re not restricted in movement regardless of the task at hand or activity.

They caress your lower body like a second skin thanks to the buttery soft feel and are perfect for any setting, occasion, or season.

You can pair them with skirts, dresses, sweaters, and t-shirts to bring out your sense of style, or use them as base layer leggings to layer them up with your scarves and boots during winter or fall, or a tank top during summer or spring to stay cool.

8. Viosi Maternity Leggings

Viosi Maternity Leggings Over The Belly Soft Stretch Pregnancy Yoga Pants 14 Colors Plus - Petite Black


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These maternity leggings are comfortable and stretchy, but they don’t become loose even though the belly band stretches out comfortably to cover your belly.

They’re lightweight and perfect for wearing under your dress as they stay up, plus they’re easy to move around in while wearing them.

The full-length leggings are adjustable and made from ultra-soft fabric with a high waist. You can move freely while wearing them, knowing that your belly and backside are covered and the maternity leggings are in place.

They’re also stylish and can be paired with a fitted top and blazer to work or in sneakers as you walk outside.

You can get them in all sizes and body types, including plus size maternity leggings, and enjoy a flattering figure with support for your growing baby bump. The belly band section stretches and molds to cover your belly comfortably even after several washes so that you don’t have to fidget by pulling them up as the crotch area stays in place.

9.Ferrieswheel Story Maternity Leggings

Ferrieswheel Story Maternity Trousers for Women Pregnant Pants Pregnancy Leggings Over Belly Cotton Black


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These over the belly maternity leggings are 45 percent cotton, 45 percent modal, and 10 percent spandex. They feature an elastic closure and a material made from an ultra-stretch, absorbent, smooth, breathable, and healthy microfiber cotton blend.

Its high quality, soft fabric is comfy and breathable for pregnant women, and the invisible adjustable waistband allows you to adjust the fit so you can wear them throughout the nine months of your pregnancy. They also provide your body with shapely support.

The casual maternity leggings can be styled easily from the gym to the couch to the street with a cute ruching detail, and they’re large enough to hold your phone, thanks to the deep but wide pockets.

10. HOTFISH Women’s Seamless Maternity Legging

This pair of plus size maternity leggings offers great posture and back support thanks to its seamless design and elastic closure fabric that supports and fits your growing baby bump.

It features Softwear with stretch that combines spandex and a lightweight ultra-soft Polyamide for body-hugging comfort and style without being bulky.

You can get it in unique designs with different fabric patterns, and being a versatile pair, it works during and after pregnancy so you don’t have to ditch them after the baby is born. They’re also restriction-free thanks to the tight-knit technology and high-tech material used, which also makes them lightweight and thin, but also squat proof.

The four-way stretch fabric is stretchy without restricting your movement and still maintains your shape with a next-to-nothing naked feel thanks to its buttery soft fabric that fits like a second skin.

You can wear it on any occasion and still feel comfortable and stylish every day, without spending too much. Plus, you can mix and match it with your t-shirts, tank tops, dresses, tunics, and any other kind of shirt for varied looks and styles so you never run out of wardrobe ideas all year round.

The leggings have vibrant colors or if you prefer darker ones, you can get even select a pitch-black shade, with high-quality sewing for amazing value and added durability.

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For When Choosing Plus Size Maternity Leggings

When you’re pregnant, you definitely aren’t looking to waste money or time trying to find the perfect and comfortable pair of leggings. In order to get the best pair for your needs, we’ve put together some tips and factors you can use when considering a particular pair so your work is made easier.

Type of maternity leggings

There are different styles of maternity or pregnancy leggings on the market. The main ones include:

  • Over the bump leggings: These have a stretchy belly panel that can cover your entire growing baby bump. Most moms in their third trimester prefer this type of pregnancy legging as it offers the extra support they need.
  • Under the bump leggings: These leggings don’t have a belly panel but can sit under your bump. There’s a stretchy waistband on these leggings that can expand with your growing belly.
  • Non-maternity leggings: This type of leggings is just regular leggings that are comfy to wear during pregnancy. If you prefer this type, check for a larger size, maybe one or two sizes up.

Maternity leggings come in different cuts, which means they’re not created the same. You can find tights that look like stockings but are much thicker, and because they’re sheer, you can wear them with a dress, shirt, or tunic. There are yoga pants too, which are the comfiest of all leggings and are great for exercise or casual wear.

Belly panel

The belly panel is an important part of the maternity leggings you select as they determine the kind of support you’ll get for your belly. Some go over your stomach, while others can be worn under the belly.

Both are good options but find what works best for you based on your needs. Some leggings have crossover belly panels you can roll up or down but pick the style you prefer.


Most maternity leggings are made from stretchy material like spandex or nylon and others. In some cases, you’ll find cotton or other organic materials in a certain percentage. The idea is to pick what suits you the best. Most leggings will be synthetic or partly synthetic in order to stretch. Cotton is super comfortable, but you wouldn’t want something that can become see-through when stretched too far. Similarly, nylon-lycra offers coverage but has a sheen, so check for material that’ll give you both the coverage you need and the aesthetic you prefer.


Leggings come in different opacities. If you want extra or full coverage, go for those with extra thickness, which will also be warmer.

Thickness is important when thinking of weather conditions especially winter, where maternity leggings with fleece lining come handy as you want to keep warm. Thinner materials or linings are good for the summer season, or if you tend to run hot, which many women do during pregnancy.


Leggings come in four different lengths: full, ankle, Capri, and cropped.

Full-length leggings usually go to the top of your feet, while the ankle type goes to your ankle depending on your height. Capri leggings are like shorts but a bit longer as they end somewhere between your knee and ankle, and you can wear them as casual wear, while cropped leggings end just above the ankle.

Washing instructions

Leggings also have washing instructions, but check the care instructions based on the brand you want to buy. Most brands tell you to hand wash and hang them to dry, but some have to be dry-cleaned. Choose the ones with suitable washing instructions for your needs.

Other tips

  • Pick leggings with elastic bands instead of those with drawstrings as the elastic band will adjust itself without putting more pressure on your growing baby bump. The drawstrings need constant adjustment
  • Buy dresses or tops that’ll match your maternity leggings
  • Find brands of leggings you can use throughout and after pregnancy

How To Care For Your Maternity Leggings

Regardless of the style of plus size maternity leggings you pick, they should be able to support your growing baby bump, without being too tight or restricting. The fabric should be soft, breathable, and have plenty of stretch to grow with your baby bump throughout the pregnancy.

Once you pick the best plus size maternity leggings for your needs, you have to take care of them properly so you can enjoy wearing them for a long time.

Some of the tips you need to care for your leggings include:

Preserve the quality and elasticity by washing in cold water, but follow the brand instructions for the specific pair you buy.

Once cleaned, place them on a flat surface to dry to prevent them from becoming saggy; don’t throw them in the dryer either. Following instructions on the label will avoid shrinking your leggings so pay attention to them and follow them exactly.

Go over them with your hand while they’re wet to prevent wrinkling while checking whether the seams are broken anywhere.

To style the leggings, you can opt for a long sweater or dresses, wrap a belt above or below your belly to give it some shape, and wear it with some comfy sandals or low-heeled riding boots based on the season or weather.

Depending on your style, you can decide on the number of maternity leggings you need, colors, and how many times you’ll wear them in a week.

Wrapping Up

Pregnancy isn’t an easy journey, but with the right kind of maternity clothes, you can feel comfortable. There’s no better way to do this than by investing in a good pair of maternity leggings so you can get the best of both worlds: comfort and support.

They’re the optimal wardrobe item for most seasons, even when you’re not expecting. They’re also arguably one of the best articles of clothing around, with the ease and comfort of sweatpants, while still being appropriate for work when paired with the right top and accessories.

You need to make sure you can pick the right maternity leggings for your plus size body and each stage of pregnancy; otherwise, you’ll have a pair that’s uncomfortable, too tight, awkwardly loose, or sheer altogether.

If you find a pair of plus size maternity leggings from our top picks that’s calling your name, you’re in luck. Go ahead and buy as many as you need, and enjoy pregnancy while you’re at it.