10 Best Plus Size Maternity Jeans

10 Best Plus Size Maternity Jeans

Maternity clothes need not look drab and flabby just because of your growing baby bump. You can find some really good tops, leggings, dresses, and even maternity jeans that help you feel confident and comfortable as you express your style.

For plus-size moms-to-be, it can be a challenge finding plus-size maternity jeans for their shape and size, but there are many retailers upping their offerings for pregnant women in this category.

You can find maternity jeans in mid-rise and low-rise options, with side panels or without, and some offer a zipper or button so you’ll still have your front tuck as your baby bump grows.

A great pair of maternity jeans that fit your budget, seasonal needs, and lifestyle are nearly essential to help you look and feel your best during pregnancy.

What Are Maternity Jeans

Maternity jeans are your regular jeans except they’re designed with panels and waistbands to accommodate your growing baby bump. They can also have a low cut that sits just below your bump, or a waistband that adjusts with your changing size.

It can be hard to find the best-fitting maternity jeans but there are different types available to help you determine which one is ideal for your needs.

Types of Maternity Jeans

Under the belly waistband

This type of maternity jeans has an elastic waistband for firm support as it sits under the belly as your baby bump grows.

Side stretch panels

The side stretch panels on this type of maternity jeans expand with your tummy. They look like regular jeans from the back, and they’re good for pregnant women who can’t take too much pressure on their growing baby bump. The panels are discreet and blend in with the design of the jeans, sitting much lower on the hips and stretching comfortably so you can easily put them on or take them off.

Over belly waistband

This type of jeans is ideal for pregnant women who hardly wear low-cut hipster jeans. It has an over belly soft fabric waistband to support your growing belly while holding up the jeans for comfort and a good fit. They’re also preferred by pregnant women who want something snug over the belly for more support and to hold the tummy in.

Jersey basque

This type of maternity jeans expands with your bump thanks to the soft, stretchy jersey front panel. It also has a concealed adjustable elastic that helps with the fitting of the jeans.


As its name implies, this maternity jeans type has an adjustable drawstring with an elasticated band so you can easily adjust to the fit and comfort you need.

Fly front

With fly front maternity jeans, you get a normal zip or button opening with hidden adjustable straps in the sides of the waistband or jersey panels hidden behind the pockets at the front of the jeans.

Maternity Jeans Styles

Now that you know the type of maternity jeans available, there are also different styles that come with these different types. Among them are:

Flare: These are worn below the waist and look like the bootcut/bootleg jeans, but with a wider cut flared out from the knee.

Bootcut/Bootleg: These jeans are slim around the thigh, less roomy at the ankle compared to the flare cut jeans, and tapered to the knee. It’s just wide enough to allow for your boots to fit in underneath.

Skinny: This is a popular style that’s slim-fit tapered down to the ankle, and looks great with heels, ballet flats or knee-high boots.

Slim: This style of jeans is slender cut and grazes your curves closely. They’re easy to wear too.

Boyfriend/Carpenter/Boyfit: These jeans are loose and baggy but very comfortable and come with more pockets.

Jeggings: These resemble leggings but are designed using denim-like material, and a fake fly or elasticated waist.

Straight: This is the classic style of jeans cut straight down the waist with a slim fit down to the ankles.

Cargo: Cargo jeans are made from denim and resemble combat trousers. The leg cut is wide and there are pockets by the sides of the knees. You can get them in mid-calf or full-length styles.

Best Plus Size Maternity Jeans

Maternity clothing need not be trend-less, shapeless, and unflattering for the women who wear them. To this end, we scoured the web for the best plus-size maternity jeans so you can get the perfect denim to help you look stylish while staying comfortable.

From trend-forward flare maternity jeans to the coolest boyfriend jeans, here’s our compilation of the ten best plus-size maternity jeans you can wear during these special nine months, and probably after that.

1. YIWOZA Women’s Comfy Stretchy Over The Belly with Pocket Maternity Skinny Jeans

YIWOZA Women's Super Comfy Stretch Skinny with Pocket Maternity Jeans,Navy Blue,M

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This pair of maternity jeans is stretchy and comfortable, with an adjustable elastic, stretch panel for support before, during, and after pregnancy.

They’re stylish, with a skinny and flattering silhouette designed to work with your changing curves for a flattering yet flexible fit. The denim material is comprised of 70 percent cotton, 27 percent polyester, and 3 percent spandex that ensures it keeps its shape all day.

The pull-on closure is available to support your growing baby bump. To keep the jeans in good shape, it’s recommended that you wash them by machine, hang dry or hand wash, and preserve its color by soaking it in 2 tablespoons of white vinegar for half an hour.

2. Goddesslili Maternity Jeans Skinny, Classic Belly Support Maternity Pants

Goddesslili Maternity Jeans Skinny, Classic Belly Support Maternity Pants Full Length High Waisted Stretch Over The Belly Jeans for Women Ladies Daily Outdoor Wear, Cozy and Lightweight (M)

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Goddesslilli is a one-stop maternity clothing store for modern mothers. You can get maternity jeans that feel nothing but soft and comfortable and this pair is no exception.

The classic over the belly support maternity jeans are made with superior quality denim for comfort, and advanced belly and back support for any occasion.

Its softness and comfort fit snug over the bump, and the jeans feel tailored and smart without fitting too tight.

3. Motherhood Maternity Women’s Maternity Indigo Blue Stretch Secret Fit Belly Boot Cut Jean

Motherhood Maternity Women's Maternity Indigo Blue Stretch Secret Fit Belly Boot Cut Jean, Dark wash, 1X


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4. Momo Maternity Women’s Stretchy Full Panel Flare Leg Denim Jeans

These over-belly flare maternity jeans are a great pair to add to your maternity wardrobe. Not only are they stylish, but they’re also crafted from ultra-stretchy denim, which will retain its shape no matter how many times you wear it.

The flare-leg delivers a flattering fit like other non-maternity jeans. It also has an activewear, moisture-wicking material on the supportive over-belly waistband, which adapts to your changing figure.

Also included is a 32-inch inseam for all sizes so you can carry your baby to full term, mock pockets at the front with faux fly detail, logo rivets, and functional back pockets.

The material comprises 79 percent cotton, 10 percent polyester, 8 percent rayon and 3 percent spandex, and you can machine wash it and dry flat for best results.

5. TheRang Women Maternity Jeans Plus Size Maternity Pants Pregnant Clothes Belly Support Leggings Blue

The Rang is a US-registered trademark that offers affordable and beautiful clothing and other items.

This plus-size skinny maternity jean is made of a cotton blend denim and features the traditional five pockets with a zip fly and button closure.

There’s a grey belly band for easy adjusting and support, and you can wear the jeans easily with coats or t-shirts for several occasions like work, dates, vacations, and more.

6. Huifa Woman Maternity Plus Size Jeans Pregnant High Waist Bell-Bottoms Denim Pants

This pair of plus-size maternity jeans is made of high-quality denim material so you can look stylish and more attractive. The material is soft so it won’t harm your skin, and there’s an elastic closure that supports your growing baby bump.

Huifa provides quality professional maternity clothes that suit your tastes so you can look more beautiful and feel confident while wearing them. The stretch fabric enhances comfort, while the adjustable elastic waistband helps relieve abdominal pressure.

Its material is softer than cotton and has a natural sheen like cashmere or silk, plus it’s four times more absorbent than the cotton material. You can wear it for all stages of pregnancy and look stylish, thanks to the classic skinny ankle length design with a slim fit leg.

The climbing-inspired cut also allows you to look slimmer, and still maintain safety during pregnancy.

It’s certified by the STCT for pilling resistance, no fluorescence or formaldehyde agent, no fade and no bleach, so it’s a health-safe pair for pregnant women.

7. Beyonds Maternity Jeans for Women, Super Soft Stretch Secret Fit Belly Skinny Pregnant Jean

Beyonds is a China-based enterprise that delivers the best quality branded products. The high-tech enterprise has a warehouse in the US though they ship some goods in the US, they’re usually affordable and of the highest quality possible for 100 percent customer satisfaction.

This pair of maternity jeans is made of denim and a stylish design to make you more attractive. The material has a soft hand feel so your skin won’t be harmed in any way, plus the company gives a guarantee of quality and durability.

The design has a belly panel that can be adjusted to fit throughout pregnancy or after the baby is born. It’s high-waisted and offers support while covering your growing baby bump.

You can wear the super soft and stretchy pants for casual daily wear or dress up with a blazer or blouse, for traveling, shopping, walking, or sports too.

8. Acqrobe Maternity Women’s Straight Leg Denim Jeans Over Bump Pants Plus Size

Acqrobe Maternity Women's Straight Leg Denim Jeans Over Bump Pants Plus Size Black


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This plus-size pair of maternity jeans is made of comfortable, high-quality denim fabric that’s breathable and skin-friendly so you’re comfy all day during pregnancy.

It’s a skinny ankle length pant with a stylish design and slim fit leg so you can look more fashionable while pregnant. It also has a high waist and abdomen design for all-round care of your baby bump and abdomen, and a front panel elastic waistband that covers your tummy, and stretches to fit the growing bump.

There’s also a built-in elastic adjustment belt with buttonholes, and elastic closure so you can adjust based on the size of your abdominal circumference.

You can pair the full-panel super-soft skinny jeans with a tank top or t-shirt for a stylish outfit on any occasion, during and after pregnancy.

9. Foucome Plus Size Maternity Jeans Belly Support Skinny Denim Jean

Foucome’s plus-size maternity jeans offer belly support thanks to its ultra-stretch and soft denim material, plus the contoured waistband.

The material is comprised of 79 percent cotton, 10 percent polyester, 8 percent rayon, and 3 percent spandex. They offer support for your growing belly as they’re over-the-belly maternity jeans, with adjustable belts so you won’t need to worry about them sagging or slipping while wearing them.

They’re skinny yet stylish jeans with a super-soft nylon panel that stretches over the belly for maximum support and comfort. You can pair them with your favorite tank top or t-shirt for a stylish outfit.

10. Women’s Maternity Super Soft Over-Belly Full Panel Denim Jeans Jeggings Reg-Plus Size

This plus-size maternity jeans by Jvini is made of cotton and spandex, plus features a pull on closure and super stretchy, ultra-soft fabric for comfort and support.

The built-in full panel over the belly band supports you before, during, and after pregnancy as you elevate your sense of style.

It’s stretchy, smooth, and comfortable cotton blend knitted denim fabric ensures unrestricted movement as it adapts well to your body. The elastic waistband offers a supportive fit thanks to the easy pull on styling for all-day comfort.

It feels like leggings with a clean look, skinny, curve-defining fit, plus back patch pockets that gives a flattering, stylish look while wearing them. They’re ideal for dressing every day and so soft you’ll want to wear them all day every day.

Benefits Of Maternity Jeans

Regular jeans are a style staple, but when you’re pregnant, it’s not easy to wear them as the baby bump grows. This is why it’s important to invest in a pair of great-fitting maternity jeans that’ll carry you and baby comfortably through the pregnancy and even after that.

The important things to look for when shopping for maternity jeans are usually comfort, versatility, and comfort, which we’ll list later in this guide, but maternity jeans offer several benefits for pregnant women such as:

  • Stretchy fabric that allows for room to grow because maternity jeans are built for growth to accommodate your changing body
  • They look as good and can be dressed down or up based on any occasion just like regular jeans
  • They’re comfortable and come in different colors, sizes, and shapes based on your choices
  • They offer the right warmth during cooler seasons, and protection for comfort and wear all day or through to the night
  • You can wear one pair throughout your pregnancy period as they adapt based on the baby’s growth to accommodate the enlarging belly

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For When Buying Plus-Size Maternity Jeans

Dealing with weight gain and the thought of becoming curvier isn’t easy for many women. Plus, some are bombarded with negative and insensitive comments about how big they’re getting, so it’s clear why they’d want to hide their growing baby bump as long as they can.

Before you go out and look for a pair of your first plus-size maternity jeans, you need to try them out to ensure you get the right fit before you buy as different brands have different fittings and sizes. If you’re buying online, check for a clear and straightforward returns policy.

Don’t jump in and buy bigger sizes before you check that they’re maternity jeans, and don’t sacrifice style over comfort. You need something you can wear comfortably and happily for at least 12 hours every day.

Here are some of the tips below to find the perfect plus-size maternity jeans that’ll give you that stylish, fashionable look during and after pregnancy.

Cut: As we’ve already seen, there are different styles and cuts of maternity jeans, so check for this first to find your favorite style instead of settling on whatever you see in the store. You don’t have to wear baggy jeans just because you’re pregnant.

As mentioned above, there’s a wide range of maternity jeans available today. These include boot cut, flared, and skinny jeans. You can also find leggings that look like jeans in different colors so you’re not restricted to blue or black alone. Some have fake pockets or a faux fly for a stylish appearance, and they come in short, long, regular, or extra-long leg lengths.

Style: The style you choose depends on the comfort you’re looking for and your style preference. You can go for over the bump jeans for more support, to keep your bump warm, and feel stylish and beautiful.

Under the bump jeans are also good for women with sensitive skin on their bellies, but they slip easily. However, you can wear them after pregnancy and look good. If you’re worried they’ll show your bump and skin, invest in good maternity tops.

Physical state: Shop when you’re strong enough and have eaten well so you can have the right frame of mind to make the best decision during shopping.

Price: Check the pricing so that you don’t overspend on something that won’t last long. Try not to be influenced by the price alone though, because better quality ones cost more, and are well worth it in the long run judging by cost per wear.

Support: Check for maternity jeans with comfortable but wide waistbands that offer a good amount of stretch. Some maternity jeans come with a double layer of elastic bands to eliminate the feeling of the band cutting into your tummy.

You can ask the shop assistant to help you if you need to get a size up from the regular jeans you wear, as your thighs and bottom won’t be the same size as your pre-pregnancy size.

Stretch: The denim used in maternity jeans has a high ratio of elastane/spandex mixed with cotton, to give it that much-needed stretch. This way, they’ll be different compared to regular jeans.

Length: Some women are shorter or longer in the waist to the crotch area, so check the maternity jeans you like for a good length. Different jeans also offer different comfort and cut options.

Guarantee: Some jeans have a lifetime guarantee so you can consider picking a pair that comes with a guarantee.

Fabric and Durability: Denim is the usual fabric for jeans, but maternity jeans incorporate 1-2 percent elastane for movement and comfort.

Stretcher jeans have a higher percentage of elastane, but you can also get a pair of jeggings if you prefer and still look stylish and on-trend. Pregnancy may last nine months, but you may still be able to fit in your jeans long after pregnancy, which is why you need one with a durable material that’ll last more than one pregnancy.

Wrapping Up

Every woman is unique, so is every pregnancy, and there’s no specific gestation period when all women won’t fit into their regular or normal clothes.

If you live in your jeans, you don’t have to give them up just because you’re expecting. Try any of these ten picks of plus-size maternity jeans and see what fits you snugly.

Remember to go with what’s comfortable for your body, for your skin, and also for your budget. Check the style and cut to find something that matches with your tops, blazers, and other clothing.

They’ll be an invaluable addition to your maternity clothing wardrobe.