How to lose weight with an exercise bike?

Exercising with an exercise bike is one of the wisest choices for weight losing. This allows burning not less amount of unwanted fat compared to exercising at the gym. More than that, you can exercise at the convenience of your own house. However, you can only take all advantages of this convenient and effective device once you use it for your purpose properly. My article will help you with this.

Let’s consider the following choices!

How to lose weight with an exercise bike

A computerized bike or a non-Computerized Bike

Yeah, trust to say, both computerized model and non-computerized are good at burning your excess calories and toning your lower body. So what are the differences to make a choice? Computerized stationary bikes normally come with digital displays which show you the amount of you’ve burned and the distance you’ve covered as well. Some even introduce mechanisms for assessing your heart rate and speed.  So if you want to know these calorie counts, then you should check a computerized model. In contrast, a non-computerized model will help you to burn calories just as well.

Please note that computerized calorie counters aren’t always correct. So for the correct result while using a computerized model, you should calculate your calorie burning yourself. Only by this way can you be sure that you are following your calorie-burning goals.

Upright or Recumbent Bikes

Upright bikes share some common things with regular bikes. They are designed with the pedals under you when you are riding. On the other hand, recumbent bikes are built in the way that your seat is semi-reclined when you’re sitting on it, and the pedals are not under you. They, instead, are located in front of your body. Normally, users with lower back pain tend to select recumbent bikes for they offer support for the back and release possible pressure on the knees. Upright bikes can offer a more strenuous workout. But no matter what you choose, you can lose weight.

Work Out Duration

Once you plan to lost weight with an exercise bike, then you should set some time to work out, normally, at least five times a week. If you have just started regular exercise, work out slowly, or you will feel too much pain to continue working out the next days. Let’s start within 15 minutes on the bike, but if you feel something too uncomfortable, it’s ok to stop earlier. As you exercise, your legs will gradually get used to the workout, and you will soon feel more comfortable. Once you get certain accustom with the work, you can rise the working time to 30 minutes on the bike. And as you are comfortable at this level, set the goal of one hour on the exercise bike, and do this at least five days per week.

Start Slowly

As I mentioned earlier, if you are just a beginner, you should start out with slow pedaling, then gradually increase the speed as your body gets used to your workouts. And this recommendation is the same to resistance. Let’s begin with low resistance and plan to reach a higher resistance level when you feel comfortable enough.


You may feel more eager to continue your exercise bike workouts if you have some entertainment to enjoy. Some people choose to watch television or listen to music while the process. You may even read when sitting on the bike, providing that you can maintain your your balance and make sure not to fall off, the effectiveness is still claimed.

Exercising for Weight Loss

To maximum your weight loss, let’s determine how many calories you have to burn every day. For example, if you want to lose 2 lbs. each month, you may need to burn about 350 calories a day, and repeat the procedure within 5 days a week to reach this goal. A woman of average 150 lb. can burn from 130 to 330 calories within 30 minutes working with an exercise bike. Similarly, you can still meet your goal with a little more than 30 minutes of daily exercise. Definitely, the number of burned calories depends on how much you weigh and how intense your workouts are. The speedier you pedal and the more intensive the resistance, and the more calories you will burn. Similarly, the more you weigh when you start these exercises, the more calories you’ll burn in each session.

Here are some of recommendations when it comes to losing weight with an exercise bike. Of course, there are many helpful tips that you can follow, the above are one of the most reliable and claim good result at the end.

How to lose weight with an exercise bike?
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