How To Overcome Roadblocks

Roadblocks are somewhat unavoidable when it comes to exercising for bodybuilding. Here are some of the most common mistakes possibly causing roadblocks that exercisers often make along with solutions.

How to overcome roadblocks

Work on the least productive workout

The most recommended muscle-building exercises are those which deal with large multi-joint movement like squat, deadlift, bench press… But rather than adhere to these mass-builders, a number of new exercisers limit their routines around easy and less productive like leg curls, leg extensions, pec-deck flyes…. Some others do both of exercises types but have difficulty putting real effort into the multi-joint movements due to their weak energy. If they try to train everything hard, they tend to overtrain.

How to do it right: Concentrate on multi-joint movement, do them at the beginning of your workout for it’s the tome when your strength is at the highest level. This should be a no-brainer!

Neglect exercise technique

Most of the beginners do not pay proper attention to exercising form. They adhere to their program design, exercise equipment choice and increase in their strength level so much that they do not know that using perfect form is also vital. Consequence, they cannot track the weight appropriately and may suffer from aches and pains.

How to do it right: Make sure that you are doing an excellent training form. If an exercise causes injury, it can’t be good for you. Technique normally means several things, not just speed, but most many beginners habit to take about one second to lift a weight and lower it in another second, making the training uncontrollable. Slow down within about two seconds and keep another 2 seconds down in each rep. You need to take control over the resistance because of 2 reasons: to improve your muscles properly and to diminish the risk of injury as well.

It is also necessary to decrease your poundages initially, but improved form is recommended for better gains.

Do too much training in a period of time

Set your own goad and follow it. Do not overtrain. Most of beginners are eager to do too much training during at the first times, resulting in unproductive workout. The effectiveness of your process depends on not only how many times you conduct the workout, but also how many sets you do for each body part, intensity as well as reps.

How to do it right: Ok, each muscle group should be trained twice a week at most, which offer your body time to have some recovery.

Become ragged outside the gym

A modest amount of cardio is good, but do not do this too much. Some people even do 4-5 vigorous cardio training a week, then some basketball matches, which leaves you ragged. So let’s save your force and your time. You’ll have to pay an expensive price  if force your body to work too much.

How to do it right: Save your energy when being outside the gym. Make your training priority and reduce and even eliminate physically demanding activities. If you have no weight problems, you can plan to do cardio training, between 20 and 30 min. and with simple work, but do not do it more than 3 times a week.

Include maximum intensity on a set

As hard training is good, many people infer that working harder will be better. But the truth is different. Many beginners apply maximum intensity techniques like forced reps to their routines, and finally, they wipe themselves out, and aren’t able to recover from such an onslaught.

How to do it right: Exercises, specially beginners, can train hard, but straight sets only, do not add intensifiers.

Manage to have a perfect way to train

Do you often drop a program to look for a perfect one? If “no”, so never try this. Confusion and the lack of consistency can’t be the reason of a better physique.

How to do it right: Don’t spend too much time seeking the most perfect training way. Combine two different routines with no more than eight basic multi-joint movement for a daily workout. Change the routines, and train each body part two times a week.

Don’t accidentally cut or change exercise. If you are a beginner, keep things simple for a solid foundation.

Manage to have a perfect way to train

Talking while training

If you want to have effective training, be serious with it and always 100% focus on every workout. Once you make your workout social events-talk freely, you cannot focus on it, resulting in a not effective training.

How to do it right: Be serious and make real focus while in training. Stop chitchat and wait until completing your routine.

Always finish the workout in the exhausted condition

Many beginners think if they are not exhausted, they haven’t worked hard enough to support growth. But it is a wrong notion.

How to do it right: It is necessary to train hard, but in short time. Make sure that you are tired when coming to the end of the process but it should be combined with the satisfaction of a well-done job.

Keep training with the same poundages

Compare the amount of weights that you are able to lift now to that of three months ago. You find good strength gains after a three-month period, right? But it is the case of beginners only. If you get advanced, it’s necessary to add some weight in the next 3-month period.

How to do it right: To get progress with your given exercise, you can include some more reps or weight. Track the progressive resistance constantly: Set a fixed target for each exercise, for instance, three sets with eight reps for each in the barbell press. As long as you reach 3 x 8, add some more poundage in your next set.

Deprive yourself out of your full sleep

You are now more confident in your tight shirt? So try to maintain this by maintin good habit, one of which is to sleep enough.

How to do it right: Sleep early enough in order to get enough sleep at night and wake up will full of energy in the next morning. Actually, muscles still grow when you are out of the gym. And this is the reason why you need to get enough sleep for full recuperating between workouts.

Do not eat enough

Nutrition is important, for not only your health, but also your muscle growth. But many beginners undervalue the importance of food’s quality. They do not maintain a good eating habit, and sometimes even do not have meals because of worrying about body fat increasing.

How to do it right: Take in as much nutritious food as you can without worrying about the increase in body fat. Have 5 to 6 meals a day, which are evenly divided during the day and include a great deal of protein. The addition of micronutrients and food supplements also contributes to good-quality food.

Do not track your training progress

This is an important work but many exercises, especially the beginners, fail to do. This can seriously affect your progress since you do not know what exactly you did in the previous workout, how you get progressive, and in the end, you do not know what to do next, what to develop and what need improved. So bad, right?

How to do it right: Track your progress seriously and constantly. Write the data down and divide them in each workout so that you’ll know what to do next for further progress.

Final verdicts

Here are 12 common roadblocks that exercisers often run into when it comes to starting training. They are simple to fix but will become serious to your workout if you maintain them for a long time. So let’s look back at your workout and check whether you commit any of them, then plan to correct. Or if you are in preparation for a real workout, consider and never commit. Wish you all the best muscle body ever!

How To Overcome Roadblocks
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