If you are looking for an additional a stationary bike to your exercise equipment, the two main things that you will probably take care of most are the values and the features that the machine tends to offer, right? However, there are too many bikes with various styles and models available in the commercial market now, making you feel headache when having to shop for an exercise bike. Understanding this, I take this best Upright Exercise Bike reviews to provide you with the knowledge that you need to know before investing a specific upright bike. In more details, I first address some key factors you need to consider before shopping for an upright bike, then I’d like to review about 5 best rated upright bikes in the market now, and finally, I would like to walk you through some steps for proper upright bike using. So are you ready to start a journey to ring a good upright exercise bike to your house right now?

What to consider before shopping for an Upright Exercise Bike?

Buying an exercise bike is like an investment in your health, so it’s essential to choose the best one for yourself. There are some important factors that you should be clear before shopping for your stationary bike. Let’s take a look at the following part for more details.

What rider kind are you?

If you plan to do more outdoor cycling, you had better think of a spinning bike which introduces a lot of helpful indoor exercises. On the other hand, if you are planning to do most of exercises indoor, upright  bikes are really for you. However, every upright item comes with different features which satisfy your different demands and ability, so please be sure about yourself in the field when it comes to buying an exercise bike.

How often do you plan to use the bike?

Definitely, it is important to identify your frequency of using the bike since this will decide how durable and solid the bike you will get is.  If you are planning that you and your other members use the bike as daily exercise equipment, then you should consider a higher quality bike which will be able to withstand much intense use and which introduces various pre-programmed options.  Please be practical and honest with this question so that you won’t waste money on a high dollar stationary bike while you use it a couple of times a week, or you will invest in a wrong bike which is not strong enough for your family’ every day workout.

What noise level do you want?

While some stationary bikes can create noise when they are working, some others don’t. So if you want to enjoy some other entertaining activities like reading newspaper or watching movies when working out, I recommend you check the bike of as low noise level as possible. It can be irritated if you and your noisy bike awake others in the morning or disturb them while they are taking rest or working. So the bike of magnetic resistance can be a good solution to those problems for it makes a smoother, much quieter ride.

How stable do you wish your bike to be?

It is important that your bike needs to be stable and solid enough do that you won’t feel like it is going to tip while you are riding it. And in general, the heavier a bike is, the more stable it will be and the less likely it is going to tip. Note that you need to use it properly also. You are worried that the too much weight makes it difficult for you to move the machine? Ok, stop this.  Most of the heavy bikes are designed with some sort of transport system like rollers on the front or flywheel that allow easier movement.

Do you want a bike with covered wheel and chain styles? One of the most common accidents that can happen with stationary bikes is that children get their fingers or other body parts pinched with the bike. So to prevent these problems, let’s choose the bike with covered wheel and chain.

What features are you looking for?

Upright bikes introduce all features that an exercise bike should have.  So it is vital to identify what features you want and plan to use. Some basic features that should be included in your bikes include:

  • Flexible seat
  • Various resistance levels
  • Adjustable sized foot pedals that are able to work for every foot size

Some other features that you may find on certain models include heart rate monitors, LCD displays, book rest, water bottle holders, and programming options, sometimes even pre-set programs to choose from.   Seat sizes are adjustable but if your favorite stationary bike accidently has a seat that you don’t like, you can make use of seat covers which are filled with gel or padding or wear padded bike shorts when working out.

Top 5 Upright Exercise Bike on the 2017 – 2018 Market

There are dozen choices of upright exercise bike on the market now, but not all of them are worth your money, so let’s take these to top rated upright bike into account.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse
This is a recommended item if you are looking for a good quality indoor entry-level exercise bike. Since its first launching time, it has impressed thousands of users all over the world and continues to receive positive reviews. One of the first thing to note with this bike is that it can be folded up and rolled away when you are not using it. It is able to support users of up to 300 lbs. Amazing features like magnetic resistance, the “high torque” 3 piece crank system, heart pulse monitoring and a “double drive” transmission system are all included inside the bike. You can read the below part for more amazing features.

Main Features

The bike introduce 8 different magnetic resistance level for you to choose from, giving you more challenge and making it possible to a range of users

It includes a big LCD display which clearly state important values about the workout like distance, time, speed, burn calories, pulse and scan

  • It introduces a high torque crank system, claiming a smooth and noiseless workout
  • The padded seat are large and adjustable
  • There is a hand pulse monitor which is built into the handlebars
  • It works for both men and women users
  • It is able to support users of up to 300 lbs
  • It is easy to assemble
  • You can roll and fold it away when finishing the workout

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike
This is now among the top indoor upright bikes. Available with preset program and online value tracking, the machine is able to support any fitness regime. Plus, it introduces up to 29 preset programs, heart rate programs and online goal tracker are also included. It also claims smooth and challenging resistance through a high speed, high inertia flywheel. Below are some more outstanding features you are about to enjoy with the bike:

  • It has a dual track two LCD window system which lets you control up to 13 different display feedbacks
  • The addition of Schwinn Connect goal tracking and data export allows you to track your progressive
  • There are 29 programs, 4 user settings and goal tracking to keep you motivated and challenged
  • There are 25 resistance levels aligned with a high speed, high inertia perimeter and weighted flywheel to ensure smooth and quiet workout
  • The charging USB port are included

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike
This bike is an ideal option to those who are looking for a bike which gives a complete cardio workout within a small space. Yeah, rather than all features that a cardio bikes in gyms offers, this bike is a great space-saving cardio bike. The adaptable seat allows you to make quick adjustments to fit yourself. In addition, the addition of gripped pedals and basket cage makes sure that your feet won’t be slipped when you are working out and adjustable resistance is for simulating different terrains. Plus, you can tracks your progress through some vital values revealed in the LCD display. Besides, 14-gauge steel makes it durable exercise bike. It is also easy to store for it can be folded after being used. Here are some more magic features you can find in the machine:

  • It introduces a manual adjustment constant resistance
  • Thick foam padded seat and easy adjustment makes it workable to various body types
  • The clear computer screen reveals important data during the workout, such as time, speed, distance, and calories burned
  • It can be folded up for easy storage
  • The counterweighted pedals come with adjustable foot straps ensured that your feet will be never out of the pedals during the exercises.

FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar

FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar
The FitDesk 2.0 exercise bike with sliding desk platform is ideal for you to exercise for hours with comfort, then result in good cardiovascular health. It comes with a seat of beach cruiser style, adjustable back rest, and forearm massage rollers which claims to keep you away from daily typing strain. Amazingly, it allows you to exercise while working. You don’t have to plan your exercise before or after work for you can do both at the same time comfortably. Furthermore, the process is claimed to be reliable, quiet and comfortable. There are a lot of more great features that you will love, some of them can be listed as follow:

Main Features

  • It is built with multi-purpose sliding desk platform
  • The drawer is easy to access
  • There are massage rollers to support your arm and wrist during the exercises
  • The digital LCD monitor is also included
  • Both seat and back rest are adjustable
  • It offers 8 different levels of resistance
  • It can be folded away for easier storage when you are not using it
  • It is perfect for frequent workouts and all-day use
  • It works for users of up to 250 pounds

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike
Rather than the best price out there, this bike claims an effective workout with the comfort at your own home. Although it is basic and doesn’t introduce any fancy features which are expected on a top end model, it introduces the vital features for an enjoyable workout that any users expect. For the most part, this machine will protect you from rude and excessive gym fess, while helping with weight loss within a short amount of time. Honestly, this bike is ideal option to every- body toning without putting any extreme strains or pressures on your knees and joints.

More than those, this bike promises great comfort which is a motivating factor to most users. Furthermore, all its parts, from the seat, handlebars to pedals are designed in way that best protect riders from fitness-related aches and strains. For more features inside the bike, keep reading features below.

Main Features

  • This bike provides users with gigantic stabilizers and levelers for a sturdy workout platform
  • It has drum magnetic control system (DMC System), weighted flywheel, and one piece crank
  • It introduces 8 different tension control levels
  • The gigantic and ergonomic pedal coming with pedal straps ensures effective and enjoyable pedaling
  • The large and easy-to-read LCD computer console reveals vital values during the workout, like distance, time, speed, calories, so on.

Yeah, so I’ve just finished introducing you 5 best upright exercise bikes. I believe that such knowledge is enough for you to ring a good item for home, if you read it and consider your real demands carefully. And the step after having a new bike is to use it. The following part is steps for a proper bike using. Keep reading!

How To Use An Upright Exercise Bike Properly?

There are some steps to follow when it comes to using an upright bike, following it means you are using your machine correctly, and then you can make most uses of it and have it work for you for a long time. Let’s go into details:

Read the Instructions

Once you get the bike delivered to your house, you need to be clear about some things before starting using it. And the instruction enclosed in the box will walk you through those things. Yeah, there are some necessary assembly, depending on your bike’s style and model but the instructions will cover all knowledge on how to make users of all the parts and features coming with your bike. So consider this knowledge, especially those about upping/downing speed and resistance levels. Remember that you may get into a lot of headache and confusion if you do not read the instruction carefully.

Adjust the seat properly

To do this, let’s practically sit on the bike and make some adjustment to make sure that your knees are completely extended, then place your feet on the pedals. In general, you do not like to reach the pedals, nor your knees to bump you in the chin! Do seat adjustment until you feel really comfortable.

Decide your wanted exercise routine

One of the amazing things about the bikes of this type is that many of them give you chance to choose one out of a range of pre-programmed routines which simulate various workouts, from flat roads to hills.  Once you finish choosing your own program, you may have to enter some information about yourself like your weight, age and the length of the time you want to be with the workout.  And it is advisable that you should input some difficulty levels.

Adjust your posture

Good posture is important to claim that you are engaging correct muscles to the process and injury is impossible. So what is correct poster? Yeah, let your head up, your back straight and your stomach muscles tight.  And note that you shouldn’t hold your breath while exercising.

Stop your exercise

Never get off the bike while the pedals are moving. You maybe caught in the lower leg and you can suffer from a painful bruise. Once you finish pedaling, everything will come to a stop itself.

Final Words

Yeah, I would like to finish my reviews with ways to use an upright exercise bike proper above. That information, I believe, is helpful enough for you to have a good upright exercise bike. So if you are planning to invest in an upright bike like this, consider this review carefully, make some comparisons between what the bikes offer and what you want, and finally, come to the conclusion that which item is what you want, you will be convinced, I guarantee.

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