5 Worst Refrigerator Brands To Avoid

5 Worst Refrigerator Brands To Avoid

worst refrigerator brands to avoid

You can’t go a day without using your refrigerator, not once or twice, but multiple times. Since it’s such an important home appliance, you must get a good one.

If you shop for refrigerators, you’ll see a lot of brands. While some are reliable, others are not.

Not to mention, it is an arduous task to select the right one. You hardly know how good or bad a refrigerator can perform until after using it at home.

To ensure you don’t purchase a bad one, I’ll be showing you the 5 worst refrigerator brands to avoid in this post.

But first, what makes a good refrigerator?

What Makes A Good Refrigerator?

The difference between a good and a bad refrigerator is its features, quality of its parts, durability, etc. However, it’s the features that matter more these days. Bad refrigerators either don’t have enough features or they fail to function correctly.

Some features that make a good refrigerator include:


A good refrigerator will incorporate flexible compartments and drawers. One compartment can be sectioned to act as a refrigerator and freezer or there’ll be separate drawers for each. Flexibility here implies that you can adjust each compartment to a unique temperature.


Bad refrigerator brands don’t maintain a steady temperature inside the fridge. The degree fluctuates from what you set but a good refrigerator won’t. Furthermore, the best refrigerator brands feature digital temperature adjustments instead of the basic control knob.

Air Flow

A good refrigerator is designed such that there’ll be proper filtration. Some vegetables and fruits release ethylene gas when stored and without good airflow, this air will be stagnant. When air is stagnant inside your refrigerator, it could cause some bad odors.


A refrigerator without humidity control isn’t one you should consider. Some foods need higher humidity than others and when the humid air isn’t ideal, they could spoil.

Smart Features

Smart features are common with the best refrigerator brands. This includes features like remote control, reminders, voice control via Alexa and other voice assistants, etc.

Warning Signs Of A Bad Refrigerator

How do you know you have a bad refrigerator? Here are some harbingers.

Motor Constantly Running

Your refrigerator’s motor is always running when it’s on. When you turn it on, you’ll hear the motor running at high speed, but it’ll slow down when the temperature regulates. If the motor continually runs at high speed, then the refrigerator is bad.


Condensation happens when your refrigerator is overworking or underworking. You’ll find water droplets all over its exterior. This shouldn’t happen if your refrigerator is good and working moderately.

Always Hot

Touch the sides of your refrigerator; is it very hot? If yes, then it’s a warning sign that your refrigerator is bad. Refrigerators usually release heat from the back due to ventilation. The sides shouldn’t get very hot unless there’s a coil issue or some other problem.

Takes a long time to chill

A bad refrigerator will take longer than usual to get items cold. Normally, it would take about 45 minutes for a refrigerator to chill a can of soda and the freezer should chill faster.

If you discern any of these signs, it is high time that you get a new refrigerator. If it’s a newly purchased one, then you purchased a bad refrigerator brand.

Moving on from the bad signs, let me show you the worst refrigerator brands to avoid.

5 Less Reliable Refrigerators To Avoid

The brands I have chosen to list here are not actually bad. Most are well-known and big companies manufacturing refrigerators and other appliances for years now.

The reason I call them less reliable is due to the fact that most of their recent launches have not done well.

Though some of their other launches in the past are still in great demand.


KitchenAid is renowned for manufacturing small kitchen appliances, tools, and gadgets. The brand has quite a few refrigerator types under their umbrella including freestanding refrigerators, French door refrigerators, and side-by-side refrigerators.

Like other brands, KitchenAid produces multiple refrigerator models and styles, however KitchenAid – KFCS22EVMS, which is a french door model, failed to invite positive feedback from customers. A customer on Amazon said he was not satisfied with the cooling system of the unit. Even the electrical panel developed snag in no time.

Similarly, a customer experienced temperature issues just after one year of purchase. It was again a french door type – KRMF706ESS.

In addition, a couple of customers also reported noise and rusting issues.

Bosch B22CT80SNS 800 21.8, B22CS50SNS500 21.7

Bosch is a huge name. It’s a German multinational company that manufactures refrigerators and other home appliances under the name Bosch Home.

Usually Bosch refrigerators are very attractive, solid and of good quality, but some of its models haven’t been able to attract customers in recent times.

A Bosch B22CT80SNS 800 21.8 customer on Amazon said that cleaning the refrigerator is a task in itself. One can’t take glass shelves out, meaning it’s impossible to clean the unit properly.

Another customer experienced issues with cooling in his Bosch B22CS50SNS500 21.7 side-by-side refrigerator. Plastic quality was another thing he was not impressed with. He wanted the brand to focus more on quality and durability to meet the expectations of modern-day consumers.

Clearly, negative reviews have the potential to spoil a product’s reputation badly. A couple of negative comments are sufficient to bring the demand down.

Maytag MFI2570FEZ

The company Maytag has a long history of ups and downs. It started as a washing machine company in 1893; however; launched numerous other products down the line. Finally, it was taken over by Whirlpool Corporation in 2006.

One can safely say that the acquisition failed to revive the fortunes of the company, especially when you see such comments by its customers.

A BestBuy customer said that he owns model no – MFI2570FEZ which is a french door style refrigerator. He experienced issues with the temperature.control of the refrigerator. He added that a lot many customers have experienced the same problem in this model which clearly signifies a substandard product quality.

Another customer on BestBuy who had the same model, complained about constant loud noise in his refrigerator. He also checked with company engineers but they defined the noise a part of the refrigerator design.

Verdict: While it’s understandable that an electrical product like a refrigerator can go awry without informing; however, I believe that good models don’t go bad that often. And that’s what differentiates a good product from bad.

We don’t buy a refrigerator everyday. Once bought, we want it to last for years. So in my opinion, it’s always a good idea to spend on tried-and-tested models rather than to go with those that claim to have a plethora of features but hardly popular among customers.

Alternative Refrigerator Brands To Consider (The Best Options)

Here are good alternative refrigerator brands you can go for:


The Samsung brand is one of the best for many home appliances. Samsung refrigerators are available in different dimensions and styles. The majority of them are highly-priced but that’s because they are reliable, unlike some of the worst refrigerator brands I mentioned earlier.

A lot of customers who purchased Samsung refrigerators have had them working for more than 10 years. These refrigerators are relatively easy to use. They incorporate adjustable shelves and the bins are removable.

Suffice it to say, there’s enough storage space due to an elegant product design. With this, cleaning becomes easy as well. For quick changing, the water filter is normally placed at the back.

Unlike most products from the worst refrigerator brands, Samsung refrigerators do not make noise. They operate quietly even if you’re using the ice maker.

The freezer and refrigerator sections of most Samsung refrigerators can be interchanged. It all has to do with their temperature settings and it increases the product’s flexibility.

Take, for instance, the French 4-Door refrigerator from the brand that features two temperature control drawers. You can set different temperature levels for the different compartments.

With Samsung refrigerators, you get to enjoy smart features like FlexZone, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Energy Star Certification, etc.


With LG, Life’s Good and the LG refrigerators prove that. French door refrigerators are the most loved by customers from this brand. However, their other refrigerator styles are also good to buy.

LG refrigerators operate quietly and they are designed to be roomy, most especially the freezer. However, there have been some complaints that after some time, the freezer compartment becomes noisy when opened.

Notably, the ice maker is usually attached to the door. Hence, it doesn’t occupy any extra space. Furthermore, this design makes LG refrigerators easy to use as there’ll be no need to open and close the door every time. Cleaning the interior and exterior is easy too.

The most recent LG refrigerators feature two ice makers, while customers complain that the shelves aren’t adjustable. However, there are LG refrigerator models with sliding shelves.

LG is an ideal refrigerator brand if you care about the remote control. Almost all LG refrigerators can be controlled and managed using LG’s ThinQ mobile app.

Other features you’ll enjoy with LG smart refrigerators include Alexa, reminders, temperature control, and much more.


On Amazon, a Galanz top mount refrigerator is a best seller, which confirms the quality of this brand.

Galanz refrigerators are designed to be comfortable to use. They feature unique handles made from plastic with an adjustable thermostat. Hence, you can flexibly control the refrigerator’s temperature.

If you want to purchase a good refrigerator without spending much, you can go for Galanz. In fact, they offer affordable refrigerators.

The freezers featured in Galanz refrigerators did their work which is to make groceries icy cold. For most Galanz refrigerators, you won’t experience any water leakage and ice build-up.

The best refrigerators from the Galanz brand are the top freezer models. With these models, you get to enjoy energy efficiency and temperature uniformity. The freezer has a cold and colder temperature setting.

Another popular Galanz refrigerator model is the mini-fridge. Despite being small, these refrigerators have a lot of space to contain several items.


GE refrigerators are of different types but they all have one thing in common; they are long-lasting. There are lots of compartments and drawers featured in these refrigerators. Generally, GE refrigerators are feature-rich and easy to operate.

On average, you get up to three shelves in a GE refrigerator among which is a split shelf. Then, you also get two vegetable drawers, a meat drawer, and a cheese drawer.

GE refrigerators do not make noise. You’ll only experience minimal noise when using the ice maker. Also, the temperature, when set, stays stable and does not fluctuate. Models with ice makers are perfect for making ice as you can control the cycle frequency.

Customers love GE refrigerators because they are very energy efficient. Furthermore, the interior lighting effects are great which you’ll enjoy whenever you open it. Notably, models with the bottom drawer feature color-changing lights.

Most customers have only had problems with the door shelves of the most recent models. They can’t hold too many items as they are relatively narrow.


A major reason why the Kenmore brand is one of the best refrigerator brands is because of its longevity. Kenmore products last for many years. You’ll only encounter major problems after it ages.

Customers like opting for the French door style refrigerator because it features a well-designed interior and is very roomy. Kenmore refrigerators feature shelves that you can move to any place; the door shelves are adjustable too.

Popular Kenmore refrigerator models feature a unique temperature control dial and other control options. Finally, despite being very durable, Kenmore refrigerators are relatively affordable.

The Bottom Line

Don’t spend money on a home appliance that won’t last or cause you misery. That is why you must avoid the worst refrigerator models and select the best ones instead.

With this post, you should be able to get a durable refrigerator on your next purchase.

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