8 Ways To Live To Be 100 Years Old

8 Ways To Live To Be 100 Years Old

Aging is inevitable. There are different things you can do so that you live longer. The quality of live you are going to live will determine your lifespan. From stress management to your dietary, there are various ways you can ensure that you live to be 100 years old. The internet is filled with tips that can guide you on how to live healthy. Here are some of the ways to prolong your lifespan.


1. Eat A Balanced Diet

The kind of food you are going to consume will influence how long you live. Do not eat anything you come across because you want to satisfy your desires. There are certain foods that can affect your health in different ways. It is wise to ensure that you eat a well balanced diet.

A well balanced diet in this case means that your daily meal plan should comprise of vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and mineral salts. You can hire the services of a nutritionist to guide you on the type of food you should incorporate in your meal plan so that you can live longer. It is advisable to ensure that fresh vegetables and fruits are part of your daily diet if at all you want to live to become 100 years. Foods rich in sugar and other harmful compounds should be avoided by all means.

2. Stop Smoking

Smoking has many negative effects on the human body. People who smoke excessively tend to die early than those who do not smoke. If you have been smoking a lot of cigarettes, then it is high time you let go this habit for the sake of your health. There are different ways to quit smoking. You can enroll in a rehabilitation center so that the experts can assist you quit this habit for your good. If it is mandatory to smoke then it is wise to switch to e-liquids.

Stop Smoking

3. Have Enough Sleep

For how many hours have you been sleeping daily? Do you know that sleeping can affect your lifespan? It is advisable to sleep for seven to eight hours per day to realize the benefits that come with enough hours of rest. Ensure that you sleep at the same time daily.

4. Drink Responsibly

Excessive alcohol and beer are not good for your health. Individuals who drink are advised to do so responsibly. Ensure that you have alcohol free days. Embracing a few changes in your weekly drinking schedule will increase your lifespan.

 Drink Responsibly

5. Learn Simple Ways Of Dealing With Stress

Stress affects different aspects of our lives. People with stress experience mental and emotional implications. Stress is likely to lead to various health complications such as high blood pressure and weight gain. In order to stay health, it is good to learn ways to deal with stress.

6. Stay Active

Staying active is one of the ways to live longer. There are different simple workouts that can make you live longer. For example, you can buy an exercise bike for your early morning and evening workouts. Exercise bikes can be used by people of different ages. While looking for an exercise bike, ensure that you examine the various features that come with the device so that you make an informed decision at the end of the day. There are many brands of exercise bikes to choose from.


7. Laugh More

Laughter comes with many health benefits. People who laugh frequently are less likely to suffer from certain diseases such as blood pressure. Laughter can lengthen your lifespan. Several studies have shown that laughter boosts your health in different ways including lowering your level of blood pressure and improving your immune system.

8. Work On Your Social Life

Your social life plays an immense role as far as your lifespan is concerned. If you would want to live up to 100 years you should nurture friendships with others. Studies have shown that regular contact with your comrades will make you to live longer. Laughter reduces stress, depression and other risky behavior that can affect you in one way or another. You can also watch comedy shows and movies among.

In conclusion, there are different things that can contribute to your lifespan. Exercising, eating well and observing your social habits are among the ways to live longer. Cigarettes and alcohol should also be avoided to prolong your lifespan.