Top 8 Forgotten Training Standards

Top 8 Forgotten Training Standards

Many of us conduct training without remembering the basic training standards.  Below are 8 training standards that many people know, always fail to apply.

Top 8 Forgotten Training Standards

1. Set Your Goal

There is a common notion that once you have a clear enough “why”, you’ll know how to conduct the “how’s.” Everybody understands the importance of setting goal when it comes to following training, but many people have failed to to this, why? Maybe because it’s boring to sit down and plan what to gain after a long process, but the success is not boring at all. So if you want success, then you should spend time doing this.

This issue has been taken into account by many experts in the field. And it is suggested that your goal won’t be actually “goal” until it’s S.M.A.R.T. Yeah, it needs to satisfy the following adjectives:

Specific (S)

Measurable (M)

Attainable (A)

Relevant (R)

Time-referenced (T)- It has to include a deadline.

However, the above are not enough for a real goal. Let me give some more requirements:

  • It has to be written
  • It must be limited within certain outcomes

In more details, if you’re planning to change your challenge, you shouldn’t set the goal to win challenge since you are not able to make control over a range of factors which affect that outcome. For example, you cannot get to know how many people take part in the competition; you cannot get to know your chances of winning compared with others. You can only decide what to eat, what to exercise sessions, and so forth. The situation is the same as your setting goals with controllable outcomes.

2. Identify And Improve Your Weakness


This is another concept that many people know but few of them practice.

If you want to gain a super-high level of fitness, you need to combine a wide range of factors into your workout, such as elements-diet, exercise, sleep quality, , supplementation… And as a complex system, there needs to be one or more “links” which are weak compared to the others, decreasing the effectiveness of the whole system.

To deal with this situation, you should plan to evaluate your ability.  Then, make a list of every related factor influencing your ability that you think of. After that, rank them all (using 1-to-10 scale) and check what you are good at and what you are bad at. Finally, choose the two or three lowest rated factors and set a specific goal for each of them, basing on controllable outcomes, of course.

3. Pursuit What You Want Rather Than What You Need

Yeah, I’m about to talk about the discipline. Actually, discipline is not about punishment, it’s about the ability to post pone gratification and adhere to the long-term objective. In fact, there will always be two different aspects for you to choose, the one you like is often less enjoyable than the one you need to do. And you should always prior to the factor you need for the potentials it is about to give you. Do not feel uncomfortable because sacrifice, rather than mean giving up something, it means giving up something to get something better in return!

4. There Is No (Man or Woman) To Be An Island

Remember that when you’re following challenging goals, you will be part in a very small minority. So there should be someone who are better or who are able to support you. In fact, your chances of success will be much higher when there are strong support systems around.

5. Make No Measure To The Workout


Measuring or tracking your process is a very important part for you to be better, however, many exerciser neglect this. It is simply. You can write down the data measured on anything available, such as a notebook, specialized tracking software, or a Palm Pilot…. Providing that you can note your values, the document is not a matter.

Let’s me show you the importance of measuring the data with an example. You are planning to become leaner, but you are not sure about the number of calories you’re taking in every day. So how to decide the number of calories to take in the next days to reach the goal? You cannot dream of becoming a millionaire without knowing how much money you are able to make every day, right? And the it is the role of measuring your process.

6. The Best System Is The System That You Are Not Following

Most of us have habit of following other people, sometimes without considering whether or not the things are good for ourselves.

Although consistency is considered the key of factor deciding whether training is successful or not, too much of it is not good. Here is the reason.

When your body is under only one form of stress over and over, there will probably be two things to happen:

  1. Your result will slow down or even become zero since the numerous homeostatic systems in your body are able to “understand” what you’re up to. Your body reacts to a specific stressor at the beginning actively and strongly, but as the stimulus is repeated and repeated, the reaction will become weaker and weaker, and finally a dead end happens.
  2. Also, as you keep doing the same training, your body and muscle will suffer from overuse injuries better.

In short, the repeated training process makes negative effects on “risk-to-benefit” profile. For better effects, you should change your program with some new challenges, especially the exercise selection.

7. Afraid Of And Stay Away From Pain

Most of us are mistakenly making decision when we suffer from some pain during the training. The decisions are various, including decreasing the weight lifted, selecting another exercise which seems to give no pains… These are wrong decisions, actually.

Please think. If you reduce the weight lifted until you feel no pain, you will get no benefit from the program. And if you choose another exercise which gives no hurt, do you know the rule that the more intensive the workout, the better the result will be? You do not want to finish your process with no result, right? So the best choice is to find out solutions to deal with pain. Some of suggested solutions include doing warm-up before starting the exercise, gradually increasing the intensity level, instead of starting with the difficult workout…

8. Understanding Is Not Enough, You Have To Do Yourself

Some people fail to fully conduct their training duce to the fear that they do not understand the workout well enough, others pay too much attention to getting to understand about it without practicing. And what about you? Yeah, if you want to be successful, you need to be the person who are confident enough to apply what you already know. As action is the key of mastery, so make it the basis for your program right now.

Final Words

Ok, above are the top 8 forgotten standards which are widely understand but little applied. So do you understand their importance and the way to improve them as well? If you say “yes”, so do not neglect them anymore, let’s practice them like they are the core of your success, you will be amazed at your final result.