Schwinn 170 Upright Bike Review

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike Review

[el56f409ed0e3e3 rating=”4″ anchor=”321+ Customer Reviews ” asin=”B00D4LEEYA” imgurl=”” imgalt=”Schwinn 170 Upright Bike”]My review today will deal with one more leading items in the world of exercise bike named Schwinn 170 Upright Bike. Keep reading to discover!

What is exactly Schwinn 170 Upright Bike?

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike is one of the best rated of indoor upright bikes. Designed with preset workouts and online value tracking, it allows an adjustable fitness regime. The including of 29 preset programs (of which there are nine heart rate programs) makes the bike more special compared to other bikes. Last but not least, it offers smooth and stimulating resistance through a high speed, high inertia flywheel. It must be such regret if you haven’t checked this amazing bike once throughout your exercise.

Who is this bike for?

This great bikes claim to give efficient workouts to beginners and advanced athletes. It introduces a number of exercise guides and resistance levels. The heart rate programs are also more various than other bikes. It also provides you with high-fidelity speakers, allowing you to relax even when working out. This bike can also work for competitive training. It helps to build muscle and burn calories efficiently.

What are the main features?

When you look at this bike for the first time, you will find something about that matte black finish. And those sleek lines make you feel the Schwinn 170 so aesthetically pleasing. Maybe some of you are not interested in the idea of having an exercise bike at home simply because it seems not to go well with their modern living rooms, but the Schwinn 170 is worth looking, it can even be considered as decorating equipment. And more importantly, it helps to make your health better.

The great bike is available with a whopping 29 workout programs, so you can freely choose the one which most fit your own fitness level and workout goals as well. These programs even offer adjustments for you to maintain your heart rate. You can also make a choice of the number of calories you wish to burn, the far of distance you wish to cover or the length of time you want to spend working out. Once finishing settling a certain program, you can make your own profiles, then store data into a USB stick and upload it. Yeah, this is possible because a USB port is available.

The built-in resistance aims at a high number, with 25 different eddy magnetic levels, so you can be free to select your wanted level. If you are a beginner, you should raise the resistance as your strength and stamina have been built. If you are an advanced user, you can start with a more challenging level.

The special flywheel boosts the workout’s effectiveness by introducing smooth and consistent resistance. It is proven that the smoother you are pedaling, the better workout will be since a fluid session on an exercise bike will help to increase the number of calories you are about to burn.

What does the bike include?


The Schwinn 170 offers a contoured seat and an ergonomically placed grip as well, allowing you always to be in comfortable riding position. In fact, this bike also allows standing up riding, but requires quite difficult settings. This is just a matter of your own demands, not a matter of the bike’s ability. So if you feel it is necessary to stand up when cycling, set the bike up. If not, sit on the seat and workout, it’s ok.

The pedals hardly wear out. The forearm rests are transferable and the handlebars can be modified to your desired angle. One more worth mentioning thing is the 3-speed fan which will help you deal better with the heat when you break a sweat. Everything is made for just a key purpose that you will feel the best comfort when riding – a very different feeling compared with traditional bikes.

Acoustic Chamber Speakers

You enjoy listening to music while exercising?  So you must like this chamber speaker. Rather than make your process more enjoyable altogether, the addition of the speaker helps to motivate you be more productive. The amazes of Schwinn are undoubted, now the added acoustic chamber speakers will boom pretty decent quality sound.

LCD Screen

This bike comes with two LCD displays. One is responsible for the values of the present session and one is responsible for showing your progress of the goals that you have set in your profile. Amazingly, the bikes allows up to 4 user profiles, so  up to 4 members of your family can follow their own progress with the same bike.

There are 13 fitness-related results shown on the LCD, including your RPM, time,  distance, pulse, and intensity. One more thing, the LCD is backlit, making it easier for you to check the numbers without having to squinte.

What the bike includes are much more than those above, but to the extent of this review, I’d like to mention some of the most remarkable things. For the others, let’s feel yourself.

What are the good?

The bike is good or not depends on what it includes inside. So the amazing parts above are enough for you to think of some pros coming with the bike. Let’s take a look at the bullets below to check whether or not what you think is the same as what others think.

Preset Workouts: The Schwinn 170 is built with 29 different workout routines and 25 different levels of resistance. Nine of these preset programs are controlled by heart rate, allowing for very well-organized workouts, for both beginners and advanced trainees.

Online Services: The bike is can be connected to My Fitness Pal and Schwinn apps for more advanced data tracking online. Data , in this case, are saved from the bike console to a USB drive.

Power for Devices: You can charge your cellphones and some other electric devices, using USB port.

Data on Console: The console screen is as basic as that in other bikes, but it introduces up to 13 types of data. Yeah, many bikes are also available with the console but it offers far less information about workouts. Four user profiles are possible which are can be the English or Metric systems.

Adjustable Console:  Both the console and its attached forearm rests are adjusted for a personal ergonomic fit.

Adjustable Cushioned Seat: The large saddle is modifiable and well-cushioned for comfort. In case you don’t like the seat like this, you can replace it with another standard bicycle seat.

Good Pedals: The pedals are large for comfort and come with adjustable straps. They are designed in three pieces, allowing for customization; You can adjust the pedals for SPD well-matched pedals or other standard road bike’s pedals.

Heart Rate Receiver: There is also a wireless heart rate receiver. Chest straps are sold independently.

Speakers: The integrated speakers are available for you to attach your MP3 player.

Water Bottle Holder: You will be kept hydrated, even when being in intensive workout, thanks to handy bottle holder.

Workout Fan: The built-in workout fan will help to keep you cool with the built-in workout fan. There are three speeds for you to choose from.

Quiet Operation: The bike introduces balanced drives which run quietly. It seems to make no noise, even when you adjust the resistance levels.

Transport Wheels: The transport wheels are included for easy movement.

Small Footprint: The device doesn’t occupy much space. The footprint is measured about: 41″ x 21″.

Easy Assembly: The assembly is required, but the bike is straightforward, making easy assembly.

Good Warranty: The machine introduces reliable warranty. According to the warranty policy, you will get:

  • 10 years for the frame
  • Two years for parts
  • One year for electrical
  • Free labor within the first 90 days.

What are not very good?

Until now, we have received thousands of reviews from users. The majority of those reviews are positive. To the rest small number of negative reviews, most users complained that they received faulty components. Sometimes issue happened during delivery process and getting replacements could be complicated. Too to avoid this issue, you had better purchase the bike via the Schwinn website.

Final Words

In short, Schwinn 170 Upright Bike is really a good bike to have for your indoor exercise at home. It comes with outstanding features and parts, which claim a smooth and effective workout with the convenient at your own home. More than that, you can share it with some other people in your family. What an excellent thing! So what are you waiting for? Let’s stand up and exercise together!

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