Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Are you looking for a good recumbent exercise bike? So this honest Marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike review is for you.

Marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike overview

Let’s me start my review with a simple question: What do you often look for when it comes to buying a recumbent exercise bike? Yeah, as some real users revealed, they simply want the one with smooth and quiet operation, some others add that they want some resistances which allow them to adjust for their desired level while the price tag is affordable. And amazingly, these features are all included in Marcy ME 709. What do you think about checking this awesome product right now?

Marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike features


The Marcy ME 709 is designed with a steel frame of which the design is simple, walk-through and powder-coated with anti-corrosive paint as well. The frame is formed with two main parts which connect it in the middle. The rear element comes with adjustment holes while the front element introduces a quick-adjustment knob, which protects the two parts’ connection. The bike works for users who are in range of 5’2″ and 6’6″ best. Users shorter than 5’2″ may have difficulty reaching the pedals even when the frame is adjusted to be at the lowest length. But if you want, you can solve this issue by cutting some inches from the rear frame bar, and drilling some more adjustment holes inside it.

Although this bike seems is simply built, the steel tubing which connects to the seat is very firm. It is supposed to work for users of up to 300 lbs., but a lot of heavier users shared that they have been using the bicycle and there have been no problems.

The rear part, together with the main bar introduces squared tubing for durability. The console mast and the bases, however, are made of cylindrical tubing. The bases are designed with plastic caps for a better stability, the front base, on the other hand, joins transport wheels. As this bike is not very heavy (just 64 lbs), it can be tilted on its own front wheels for easier moving, even elder users can move it

One more amazing thing, although this model is not the biggest item, it has a rather big footprint. It measures 55.5″L x 25″W when being set at maximum length. As a result, make sure that your storage space is tall enough to store it before purchasing a new one.

Seat and comfort

Seat is the most important part in a recumbent exercise bike that decides comfort levels. And the seat in  ME 709 model is said to be comfortable enough. It features cca 2″ foam cushioning, for both seat and backrest. Although the cushioning is not contoured, it is able to provide reasonable amount of that a recumbent bike seat should offer.

The seat is triangular-shaped with the dimensions are: 16″ wide and 10.25″ long, and stands at cca 19″ above floor level. The backrest measures 11.5″  wide at the bottom and cca 9″ at the top.

The seat includes no adjustment rail like other items do, but the entire rear-set of the bike is modifiable, allowing being moved closer to or farther from the pedals.

The handlebars

The handlebars inside this bike are simple, non-adaptable and padded with rubber foam substantial for an easy grip. The two handlebars are 22″ from each other and stand about 5″ above the seat when you attach them to the seat whose position adjusted on your own. However, it is recommended that you should attach them upside down, which allows you to attain a cca 45° tilt for the handgrips.

Resistance and drive systems

This recumbent bike offers a compelling resistance mechanism. It allows manual adjustment, requiring a magnetic brake pad to be connected to a knob, through a firm wire. Once you turn the knob, the magnetic will be moved farther or closer to the flywheel, making more or less resistance.

The resistance levels are is divided into 8 different levels, shown clearly on the knob, making it easy to you to choose some levels which are suitable for your workout. But the maximum level is not recommended for it offers required amount of tension for a too consistent workout.

The drive system includes small, compelling flywheel, a light belt, a firm pulley, and steel crank arms as well. The bike’s crank arms are designed with weighted pedals, involving straps to protect your feet while working outs.

Because the bike includes magnetic resistance, the generating resistance part like the flywheel and the magnetic pad, do not reach each other, making no virtual wear and tear. For the most parts, the bike is really noiseless and ideal for apartment buildings.


As a basic recumbent bike model, this Marcy ME 709 provides you with basic performance tracking monitor only. This allows you to follow your speed, time, calories, and distance while giving an odometer function also. The distance is counted in Miles and the speed is measured in MPH.

In term of controlling, this part is very easy to use, with just one button, you can make control over a lot of actions. In addition, it introduces a SCAN function for cycling throughout all the data which it can track. Every date will be on screen within 4 seconds. You can also choose to track only one values, like time or distance. The console is able to automatically be on once you pedal, and then automatically turn off after 8 minutes of inactivity to save energy.

The console works with 2 AA-type batteries. And the data which are saved on the console will be reset once you reset or remove the batteries.

Assembly and Maintenance

This bike is easy to assemble and doesn’t take you over an hour to do assembling. The tools and instructions for assembly are available. The process involves some steps, including joining the two main parts of the frame, connecting the rear and front base, the seat, backrest and the console mast, the recumbent handlebars, the pedals, and attaching the tension wire and the speed sensor to the console.

As the bike comes with a magnetic resistance system, it doesn’t require much maintenance. When it is necessary, just take out the dust and potential dirt out of the frame with a damp cloth, then tighten the bolts again.

What Are The Pros?

This simple bike comes with various positive aspects. Some of the bullets points include:

  • It comes with very firm frame and is able to work for users of up to 300 lbs;
  • The frame length is adjustable
  • The magnetic brake system makes almost no wear and tear;
  • Cushioned seat and back support are available for great comfort;
  • The pedals are weighted, with straps
  • The Console is also included
  • It is easy to control and move
  • It makes no noise when operating
  • It doesn’t require much maintenance
  • And much more

What are the Cons?

The only thing that users have been complained about this cheap bike is that it doesn’t work for users who are shorter than 5’2″.

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Final Word

In conclusion, if you are looking for a good and reasonable-priced  recumbent exercise bike, the Marcy ME 709 is for you. It offers proper training setting that a recumbent exercise bike should offer and promises a comfortable cycling workout. While it is supposed to serve light cardiovascular training, it also help with regaining stamina and some strength, requiring a more intense training regimen. It is a good choice for elderly users or users who have just recovered from injuries. Also, it supports weight loss. With so many pros like this, there is no reason for you to refuse this bike, right?

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