What To Exercise for A Good-looking Body?

What To Exercise for A Good-looking Body?

There seem to be unlimited kind of exercises for you to be in better-looking body. Most of you tend to know the basics ones but are not clear about what are the best for your full-body workout. My honest article today will walk you through some simple, efficient and cheap exercises which claim to give you your expected body.



Yeah, this exercise is not stranger with you, especially when you were at school, right? But it is effectiveness seem to be unknown.

It is not accident that this exercise is recommended in many elementary schools. Although they mainly focus on core, triceps and chest, they benefit a huge number of muscles. Normally, an exerciser can lift up to 60 percent of their whole body weight after finishing a push-up. There are a lot of different kinds of push-up, just pick the one you like and be sure that it is a part in your training.


Squat is one more traditional exercise which is recommended to lower body. It directly benefits your glutes, hips, and hamstrings. Also, it indirectly enhances your core and sometimes your upper body if you do it with weight. New weightlifters tend to pay much attention to their upper body while neglecting the lower part. This is really a mistake. Every training exercise needs to work for the whole body and squat is an essential piece, which claims that you will gain your expected result.

Pike Roll-Out

It is said in a research that pike roll-out is one of the best exercise for strengthening core muscles.

So how to conduct this effective exercise? First, grasp an exercise ball (which is also known as a Swiss or a stability ball). Let your feet at the top position of the ball and be ready with the position to push up. Start the process by elating the butt into the air and above your torso, using your core muscle. This is an essential step of this exercise. Once you have your body back down, you will let it move together with the ball. During this step, your body is below your knees while your arms are out and in front of you. That is called roll-out. In short, the combination of pike and roll-out makes a challenging exercise which works for almost every your core muscle.

Clean and Jerk

This is an explosive short-tempered exercise which works for a wide range of useful muscles and can be used to check your endurance. It is also considered the final strength test in the Olympic Games.

A professional lifter often conducts both clean and jerk at the same time, but beginning lifters should deal with one by one separately.

So how to start? Yeah, firstly, quickly focus the weight on the torso till your arms are below the bar. For a quick and explosive movement, thrust the bar above your head.

In some other cases, you can do this differently, which is called “hanging clean”. To this version, the process begins with the bar previously hanging in your hands, rather than on the ground. This single exercise has been considered as a total-body workout because it involves a number of body parts, such as core, back, biceps, triceps…Whatever you are desiring to strengthen, this exercise can still support.



This exercise seems to be complicated compared with those presented here but it is still an effective one, simply because it works.

To start it, get ready in a standing posture, squat down and place your hands on the ground, then punt your feet out, and make a push-up. Fold your feet again below you, and make a leap to lift it out of your crouch. This process is a burpee. In case you feel really wild, then you should include a dumbbell for each hand.

Burpees works and functions in the same with two other exercises here, namely push-ups and squats. Additionally, it offers some more leg movements and a leap.


This is an old-school lift which builds current-body muscle. It maybe the best exercise if done correctly, but it can also pain you if done wrong. So it is important to do it step by step and with care.

This exercise is simple and if done with correct technique, you can complete it with no injury. The process includes lift a weighted bar into the air, then take it up to your thighs with your entire body’s power. After the lifting, you have to be in standing up position, and your arms straight with the lifted weight.

The deadlift is ideal for building strength since the lifted weight is first on the ground and then have to be lifted out of the ground thanks to a controlled movement. And during the process, you have to use use no momentum, so the exercise is named “dead”.

In summary, above are 6 out of effective exercises for building your body at home. They are all simple, effective and reasonable-priced workout. So if you are planning to build your body for better look, do not hesitate to pick one and practice right now!