How To Change A Regular Bike Into A Stationary Bike With Trainer Stand

How To Change A Regular Bike Into A Stationary Bike With Trainer Stand

Most of us highly appreciate exercise bikes but do not know that it is possible to turn a regular bike into an exercise bike.

Actually, changing a regular bicycle into an indoor stationary bike is relatively simple with the help of an indoor cycling trainer- a stand which keeps the rear wheel of the bicycle off the ground so that it can turn freely.

The tire of the rear wheel sticks to a roller which is attached to a flywheel and fan or magnetic assembly which offers necessary resistance.

A cycle trainer, once get set up, enables you to transport your bicycle easily for outdoor cycling and change it—fast and without no more adjustment—when you want to use it indoor.

Here are detailed steps on how to turn a regular bike into an indoor exercise bike. There are 6 steps in total.ways-to-change-a-regular-bike-into-an-exercise-bike

Step 1:

Consider an area in your house for placing the indoor exercise stationary bike. The area should be quiet and clutter enough for you to do the workout. So you should use a certain room for exercising.

Step 2:

Cover the area where you are going to place the machine with a floor mat and trainer stand.

Step 3:

Put the trainer stand at the center of the floor mat and unlock the wheel clamps on the trainer.

Step 4:

Put the bike into the trainer stand, then affix the clamps surround the back wheel of the bike tightly.

You may ask for help from others to keep the bike if it is necessary.

Check again and again until you are sure that the affixing is firmly fastened.

Normally, a trainer is able to work with every road bicycle. A mountain bike requires some changes to make the back wheel a slick tire.

So in case of your regular bike, no other adjustments are necessary because your resistance is generated with the trainer.

Step 5:

Modify the resistance level on the rear wheel.

There are various resistance levels, from heavy to light, on notches for you to choose from.

If you are a new rider, it is recommended to start with a light level.

Higher resistance is for those who want to try a more challenging exercise. Extra resistance settings are also available for you to diverse your exercise routine.

Step 6:

Adjust the bike seat so that you will feel comfortable to sit on and ride the bike

Ok, so now you have a new real exercise stationary bike from your own regular bike for exercising indoor. Is it amazing? Yeah, and you can totally do this amazing thing with an indoor cycling trainer.