Brooks Koepka Workout, Bench press, Diet & Weight Loss Story

Brooks Koepka Workout, Bench press, Diet & Weight Loss Story

In this post, we will dive into Brooks Koepka’s weight loss story.

Golf fans across the world noticed a significant difference in Brooks Koepka’s appearance. The sportsman looks less his size as he has lost some weight within a few months. 

There have been many speculations as to how and why this happened. 

If you are wondering what happened to Brooks Koepka, why and how he lost his weight, this is the story behind it.

Who Is Brooks Koepka & Why Is He Famous? 

Brooks Koepka is an American golfer. He was born on the 3rd of May 1990 in Florida, United States. Currently, he is on the PGA tour and is famous for his many wins and records. 

Additionally, Brooks has a height of 1.83 meters (6’0”). He had his high school education at Cardinal Newman High School and his college education at Florida State University. 

As a teenager, Brooks Koepka developed an interest in golf. While at the university, he participated in several college golf competitions. Not to mention, he won three major college golf titles. 

He began his journey to a golfing career when he participated in the European Challenge Tour and then continued with the European tour. 

His first major title was the U.S. Open in 2017, which was held in Wisconsin. Then he won the 2018 CJ Cup.

He went further to win the PGA Championship and U.S Open in 2018. With his winning streak, he joined the league of golfers that have won back-to-back U.S. Opens. He also set a joint-record for 264 over 72 holes. Furthermore, he won the PGA Tour Player of the Year in 2018. 

However, Brooks Koepka had some challenges before the 2018 U.S. Open. He had surgery performed on his left wrist the previous year, which prevented him from participating in the 2018 Masters Tournament. Nevertheless, he made it to full recovery just before the U.S. Open tournament would commence. 

In the following year 2019, he won both titles again and set another record as the first golf player to simultaneously hold two notable titles back-to-back

His sporting prowess is not very surprising as Brooks Koepka comes from a sports-loving family. Chase Koepka is his younger brother and a pro golf player. Also, Dick Groat the retired Major League Baseball player is his great uncle. 

Nevertheless, Brooks Koepka is not as huge as he used to be. As a PGA Tour player who always appeared on TV, it is easy for people to spot such differences.

How Much Does Brooks Koepka Weigh?

Interestingly, Brooks previously weighed close to 220 pounds, but now weighs just 205 pounds. Looking at his pictures now and then seems like you are looking at two different individuals. 

Despite his previous weight, Koepka typically engages in various workout activities to stay fit. Unlike other PGA Tour players, Brooks paid significant attention to staying in good shape. 

In the same vein, Brooks is reported to work out all the time and even before golf sports events. This energetic lifestyle has positively affected his career, most notably resulting in his three major titles. 

However, his current weight couldn’t have been as a result of this healthy lifestyle. Since the start of his career, Brooks has always worked out and never appeared slimmer with a massive weight difference. Surprisingly, Brooks Koepka became slimmer within a short period. 

His recent weight loss raised questions on how he did it. Other people who are looking to lose weight like Brooks need answers. Well, there could only be two options – his diet and workouts.

What Is Brooks Koepka’s Diet? 

Golfers are always known to follow a healthy eating regimen to stay fit and energetic. Besides, they rely heavily on nutritional means for regaining their energy after games.

In essence, golfers require food that contains nutrients like vitamins, fats, proteins, and minerals. So, it is expected that they consume a lot of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, etc. for their sporting activities. 

To prevent fatigue, it is recommended that golfers consume low carbohydrate foods. Also, they drink lots of fluids for hydration.

Likewise, Brooks Koepka applies the general eating plan, but, for his recent weight loss, there had to be a significant change in his diet. 

He did not disclose his diet plan or foods he did not eat during his weight loss process. However, his favorite meal is chicken quinoa with vegetables. Hence, for his weight loss, he had to eliminate the chicken from his diet. Brooks made some comments on his nutrient intake. 

According to Brooks Koepka, he was on a diet that supplied him with just 1,800 calories daily. With such a diet, you can expect to lose weight somewhat quickly within a brief period. 

Interestingly, Dustin Johnson – Brooks’ friend and workout partner also disclosed that Brooks eats only when he is hungry. This implies that Brooks has strong control over his food cravings, which enabled him to follow a strict diet plan for his weight loss. 

Brooks Koepka Workout Routine

Brooks Koepka has a colossal size. He can be easily mistaken for an MMA fighter rather than a golfer. 

Nevertheless, he trains alongside his friend Dustin Johnson – a professional golfer – while Joey Diovisalvi (aka Joey D) is their trainer. 


His workout routine has been a significant drive to his appearance before he lost weight. In fact, his Instagram page contains several images and videos regarding his workout. 

As a professional golfer, Brooks focuses on his cardio, upper body, and lower body workouts. 

Without further ado, let’s show you how he works out.

1. Upper Body


For his upper body workouts, Brooks concentrates on his core, chest, and biceps, which are essential for his performance in the golf game.


He makes use of the ab core machine.

  • Sit-ups (15X)
  • Decline Sit-ups (15X)

Then he repeats the routine between two to four times.


For his chest, he makes use of the bench press.

  • 135 lbs. (15X)
  • 185 lbs. (15X)
  • 225 lbs. (15X)
  • 185 lbs. (To Failure)
  • 135 lbs. (To Failure)

Note: Unlike other professional golfers, Brooks Koepka’s maximum bench is 315 lbs. 


For his biceps, Brooks Koepka makes use of both regular and hammer curls.

  • Regular curls – 45 lbs.
  • Hammer curls – 45 lbs.  

Note: For both curls, Brooks makes between 12 to 15 repetitions. 

2. Lower Body

For his lower body workout, Brooks prioritizes exercising with squats and deadlifts.


  • 135 lbs. (12 repetitions)
  • 185 lbs. (12 repetitions)
  • 225 lbs. (12 repetitions)
  • 185 lbs. (To Failure)
  • 135 lbs. (To Failure)


  • 135 lbs. (12 repetitions)
  • 185 lbs. (12 repetitions)
  • 225 lbs. (12 repetitions)
  • 185 lbs. (To Failure)
  • 135 lbs. (To Failure)


Unlike Camillo Villegas – a professional golfer who would bike for more than 80 miles per day, Koepka, on the other hand, is not engrossed with the excess cardio workout.

Brooks typically starts with a light warm-up of 15 to 20 minutes. Then, he runs on a treadmill or rides on a stationary bike around 2 hours per day. This medium-intensity activity helps him to stay fit and energetic.

Besides that, Brooks prioritizes his gym and workout time. In a day, he trains for up to five hours, and he has about six training sessions in a week. 

With his solid workout routine, Brooks Koepka quickly improved his endurance, flexibility, performance, and speed. 

For Brooks’s weight loss, he didn’t make multiple changes to his workout routine. His dietary change was the primary factor that kicked him into his current shape. 

How Much Weight Did Brooks Koepka Lose? 

With a weight of about 220 pounds and a current weight of 205 pounds, Brooks Koepka has lost more than 10 pounds of weight. He had lost even more as he was reported weighing 190 pounds at a time, thus losing close to 25 pounds. 

During his interview with the Golf Channel after finishing 14 strokes under at The Players Championship, Brooks recounted his weight loss experience from 212 pounds to 190 pounds.

Although he didn’t go into detail concerning the factors which resulted in his weight loss, Brooks didn’t deny that his weight loss was intentional. In fact, he admitted that he lost more weight than expected, but he is still a happy camper. 

Additionally, while speaking in a Golf Week interview, Brooks Koepka admitted that he intended to get some blood work done to put things in order. He also disclosed that his diet had a significant impact on his weight loss.

Conversely, golfers and fans alike were curious concerning why Brooks Koepka lost weight. As a golfer, he was excelling with many wins and titles, but then, he dropped weight out of the blue. 

Well, there have been exciting speculations; however, we will answer the question – why did Brooks Koepka lose weight?

Why Did Brooks Koepka Lose Weight?

Brooks Koepka had left wrist surgery the previous year, which took him off sports for a period. Interestingly, Brooks’s new weight was not noticeable until March 2019 – about six months before the ESPN Body Issue was released. That month, Ryan Lavner from Golf Channel made reports about Brook’s new appearance, and that set the golf world’s eyes on stalks.  

Brooks was presented with the question – why? But the golf star did not provide a specific answer and only made a “you will see remark.” This made golf fans across the world eager to know the hidden agenda behind his weight loss.

On the 4th of September 2019, popular American cable sports channel ESPN released a new Magazine Body Issue, which featured a professional golfer. That golfer was Brooks Koepka. 

Upon its release, Brooks informed his fans to get a copy of the ESPN Body Issue. 


On the other hand, Brooks Koepka did not confirm openly that he began his weight loss journey the previous year to get featured on the ESPN Body Issue. However, reports from ESPN confirm the speculation to be true. 

According to the ESPN sports channel, they reached out to Brooks in late 2018, and the player was ecstatic.

He admitted that he has always wanted to model. To look his best for the photo shoot in March 2019, Brooks was expected to shape his body. This involved going about with a chef that ensured he followed a strict diet and exercised more. 

What Was The Aftermath Of His Weight Loss?

While his current weight has made him appear slimmer, there are concerns that his career is in the lurch. 

As a three-time major title winner, Brooks Koepka finished outside the first 50 at the WGC-Dell Match Play and the Players Championship. At both events, he was tied for 56th position. Brooks also failed to make the cut at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Then, he was blamed by several sports critics regarding this failure.

Others compared him with Colin Montgomerie, who lost weight in the year 2004, which affected his swing. However, Brooks Koepka ignored the critics that his weight loss was affecting his performance.

If for anything, Brooks is happy with himself and prefers to focus on his game, irrespective of the critics. When he appeared on TV interviews with his new size, he was always seen in a good mood. 

On the other hand, former professional golfer Brandel Chamblee didn’t take the matter lightly. When he was asked to air his views about the topic on Live From The Masters on the Golf Channel, he didn’t hold back. He called the Brooks Koepka weight loss move the most reckless self-sabotage.

That was the most significant criticism Brooks Koepka ever received on his weight loss. Nevertheless, ESPN reports on the Brooks Koepka Body Issue seem Chamblee wasn’t far from the truth. 

However, Brooks Koepka ignored Chamblee’s negative comment. In fact, he said he doesn’t care about what anyone says, but instead, he will be more focused on being happy. 

What Are The Benefits Of Weight Loss?

Listed below are some of the benefits of losing weight.

Decreases heart disease risk

According to an NIH health study,  moderate weight loss can reduce the risks of cardiovascular heart diseases.

Blood sugar levels

Obese people can reduce their blood sugar levels by exercising to ensure weight loss. Additionally, weight loss also prevents diabetes risk.

Lowered blood pressure

By losing weight, you can eliminate the risks associated with having high blood pressure.

Improved mobility

In a recent study, it was revealed that weight loss can improve mobility in older adults most especially obese people.

Relief from sleep apnea

A study by Harvard Medical School revealed that weight loss is ideal for treating obstructive sleep apnea.

Decreased joint and back pain

Weight loss that is induced with exercises can decrease both joint and back pain.

How To Get In Shape Like Brooks Koepka? 


Everyone wants to get in shape, but many have failed after several attempts. One of the significant reasons for this failure is time management.

Well, if you have 24-hours in a day like everyone else, you can surely take time out to get your desired body shape like Brooks Koepka.

To start with, set a fitness goal. Then determine how much weight you intend to lose and the expected time. This will serve as a motivation to keep you going.

Next, draw out your workout plan. An instructor can help you with this if you sign up at a gym. If you’re working out at home, you can formulate an ideal workout plan from online sources. 

Alternatively, you can download a workout application on your mobile device or PC. Not to mention, there are some treadmills for workout games like Zwift.

On the other hand, you can work out with a partner or friend to get all the necessary support that you need. For instance, Brooks Koepka worked out with his friend, Dustin Johnson, and their instructor, Joey Diovisalvi. When you work out with others, it is less likely for you to lose interest. 

Finally, you should ensure that you eat right by refraining from junk food. Brooks Koepka traveled all around with a chef to ensure that he ate well during his weight loss process. You can seek help from a dietician to draw a suitable diet plan for you.

Furthermore, it would help if you were consistent like Brooks Koepka. When you have just a few months to lose weight for an ESPN magazine photoshoot, you need to stick to your fitness goals irrespective of critics.

If you remain consistent in following your body workout plan, then you might also get approached for a magazine photoshoot just like Brooks Koepka!

Wrapping Up  

Brooks Koepka is one of the successful golfers in the world today. Indeed, the Brooks Koepka weight loss journey is not a mystery, as some fans thought. 

Nevertheless, this post connects the dots, so you can see how and why the multiple PGA Tour winner had to drop some pounds. 

Encouraged? You can also stay in shape and lose some weight like Brooks if you are willing to follow his path.