Ann Chery 2022 Reviews

Ann Chery 2022 Reviews


The Ann Chery brand is well known in the world of undergarments. This is the hidden secret that many women use in order to create great shapes underneath dresses and other outerwear.

What’s more, Ann Chery makes delectable looking undergarments that make women feel sexy and powerful even before they put on their dresses, work clothes, or evening wear.

These are not just shaping undergarments – they are fashionable clothing items in and of themselves.

This is the reputation that Ann Chery has built. Over time, the brand has expanded into multiple lines of product. One of the newest and most popular is the 2022 line.

The Ann Chery 2022 Line

Ann Chery has a little marketing trick it likes to use – its product lines correspond with futuristic dates. For instance, as this article is written, 2022 is a little more than two years away.

The Ann Chery brand in this way likes to market itself as futuristic. Its designs do a great deal to enhance and verify that branding choice.

The first thing that anyone will say about Ann Chery 2022 is that it is colorful, bold, and exciting.

No matter the product that you try from the 2022 line, you are getting a great contrast of colors that set up exciting patterns and sexy shapes regardless of the body type that is wearing the garment.

The One Glaring Weakness

The one thing that you will hear about Ann Chery 2022, regardless of where you check reviews, is that the sizing is a bit off.

In order to build garments from the type of high quality material that Ann Chery uses, it sometimes miscalculates the fit in relation to similar garment types that are currently on the market.

This is a small price to pay for the sexy nature of these garments, especially if you know this is the case going in.

If you are reading this, and you are looking for Ann Chery garments that would fit you, keep in mind that the sizes run a bit small compared to other brands that are in the same space.

Professional tailors recommend to measure your size in cm before making the investment in Ann Chery. Once you know your true size, you will be able to make an informed decision about the garment size that you really need in order to get that perfect fit.

The Products in the Ann Chery 2022 Line

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular products that are in the Ann Chery 2022 line of women’s shapewear.

Ann Chery 2022 Clasica 3 Hooks Fajas Latex Waist Trainer Cincher

The Ann Chery 2022 Clasica 3 Hooks Fajas Latex Waist Trainer Cincher is a “Faja without the suffocation.”

The shaper has three hooks to ensure equal amounts of pressure around the important parts of the body.

The smooth configuration ensures that you get a super smooth sculpting to your waist immediately upon donning the garment. You also get different levels of compression with different eye levels.

The latex girdle ensures durability, and the cotton lining helps the product stay comfortable no matter how long you wear it.

Ann Chery Women’s 2022 3 Hook Classic Black Latex

This incredibly versatile look gives you maneuverability, comfort, and sexiness all in a classic package. If you want to look and feel great regardless of the outerwear that you choose, then this is your choice for nearly all occasions.

Keep in mind that you will probably have to go a bit bigger on the size here because of the unique brand characteristics mentioned above in this article.

Reviews say that this particular product may cause problems with breathing, but that is likely because the people who were reviewing the product were not aware of the sizing issue that sometimes occurs with Ann Chery products.

Reviews also state that nearly everyone who gets the correct size with this product is more than happy with it.

It helps to maintain posture and creates a sexy silhouette. Even people with prominent abdomen bulge will get a smooth overall look and feel with this product.

Because of the latex in the product, a white powder may sometimes appear without warning. This can be quite evident because of the black color, but the powder comes off easily if you simply wipe it with a wet cloth.

Ann Chery Knockoffs

Be aware that you may run into Ann Chery knockoffs if you try to purchase this brand from a retailer that is unverified.

Ann Chery is one of the most popular brands in women’s shapewear across the world. It is highly imitated, but really cannot be duplicated.

Many of the reviews up about the Ann Chery 2022 line also say that they eventually found out that bad fitting garments turned out to be knockoffs made in China.

Check before you buy. Ann Chery is an American company. This is part of how they sell their brand, so you can rest assured that Ann Chery with a “made in China” tag is fake.

Most of the products in the Ann Chery line are assembled in Colombia, by the way.

There is a reason that Ann Chery is consistently a top selling brand in the world of women’s shapewear. The company continues to come out with creative, sexy, and bold undergarments that make women feel good about themselves.

The 2022 line is no different. Ann Chery has here a line of products that appeal to every type of woman in every shade and body type.

Although there are a few weaknesses in the line, overall, you cannot really go wrong when you invest in Ann Chery 2022.

The tagline for the business is “Always the best,” and they definitely seem to be living up to that with 2022!