7 Erase My Back Pain Stretches & Exercises

7 Erase My Back Pain Stretches & Exercises

 Erase My Back Pain Stretches

The lower back is one of the most inconvenient places to experience pain.

This pain is usually due to strenuous activities and improper body exercises that would typically help strengthen the lower back.

Knowing the right exercises to ease the pain is key in order to get effective and lasting relief.

The core muscles, the abdominals and the obliques, are the ones that support the upper part of the body from the bottom up. If these muscles are weak, there would be a lot of pain experienced from just carrying out normal daily activities.

Tightness of the gluteal and hamstring muscles usually cause a pull on the lower back muscles, causing them to feel sore and tense.

So it is important to know the causes of the pain before carrying out any form of exercise.

The muscles usually involved in lower back pain are the glutes, abdominals, thighs, obliques and back muscles. And with any of the 7 simple butt exercises below, you can erase your back pain:

7 Erase My Back Pain Stretches & Exercises

1. Stretching Your Glutes

The gluteus maximus is the largest of the three muscles in the butt and is responsible for keeping the body upright.

The gluteus maximus is a very large and powerful muscle that does a lot of strenuous work in keeping the body standing.

This means that these muscles are self-exercising, but the sad part is that they can easily get strained.

The top end of the gluteus maximus is directly attached to the bottom of the lumbodorsal fascia. The lumbodorsal fascia is the membrane that covers and protects all of the lower back.

When the gluteus maximus gets cramped, there is no doubt that there would be pain experienced in the lower back. So, basically stretching out would help more times than not.

Although it is not a certified way of easing lower back pain, it does well to ease the muscles in every part of the body.

2. Knee Grab

The knee grab is one common exercise for stretching the butt muscles, thigh muscles and lower back muscles. This exercise is very simple and can be carried out at home.

All you need is to lie flat on your back, making sure you are completely flat on the ground. Every form of unevenness of your back with the ground makes the exercise more inefficient. So it is best you pay attention to this part of the exercise.

Now bend both knees and flatten your feet to the ground. Start the exercise by grabbing one knee and pulling it up your chest. Keep repeating this procedure for about 30 seconds, then switch to the other knee.

This exercise should do well to loosen butt and thigh muscles effectively.

3. Pigeon Stretch

This exercise looks like the conventional pushup in terms of positioning. You start the exercise in the pushup position and bend your left leg like as if you are about to start a race.

Then pull up the left leg underneath you by bending your knee. This is like pulling your leg up your body from underneath you as if you want to run. Then place your left knee under your left wrist, and your left foot under your right hip as if you are rotating to the side.

Now lean on the left leg, and there would be the feeling of a stretch on your glutes. Here your right leg should be flat on the ground all through, with your knee straight.

Then lean forward with your torso to ensure that your chest is in contact with your left knee. You can reach your arms forward to ensure a better stretch.

4. Butterfly Sitting Pose

This exercise focuses on both the glutes and the thighs. The muscles in these two places are known to be associated with back pain whenever they get tight or cramped.

One of the best ways to fix this using this simple exercise is to take the Yoga Butterfly Sitting Pose.

This pose is one of the best ways to ease, relax and stretch your glutes and thighs. This would most definitely take the tension off of your lower back.

5. Wall Sits

The wall sit is one way to strengthen the muscles in your abs, thighs, and glutes. You start by standing with your back 12 inches away from the wall.

Then lean back on the wall slowly until you are fully rested on the wall with your back completely flat against the wall.

Now slowly slide down until you get into an almost sitting position with your back still pressed firmly to the wall for about 10 more seconds.

The key to the effectiveness of this simple exercise is repetition. Try to repeat it for about 10 times or more to get reasonable results.

6. Child’s Pose

Start this exercise in a bowing position; as if you are about to pray while bowing down. Both your hands on the ground while kneeling. Now move your butt towards your heels while folding your torso outwards with your chest closer to your knees.

Now reach your arms forward as if you are sinking into the stretch. You would feel the stretch mostly in your butt, and a little in your quadriceps on your front thigh. Try repeating this exercise to get more effective results.

7. Hip Rotators

The dynamics of this stretch is quite remarkable when its results are considered. You would have to stretch will moving instead of holding a stretch pose like most other exercises.

Start the exercise by standing tall, grabbing one knee and pulling it up with the hand on the same side of the knee.

Now put the knee down and grab the ankle of that leg with the hand on the opposite side of the body, and pull it up while rotating your legs.

The higher you pull the ankle, the higher you should pull the knee. After pulling, let go and step forward to prepare for the second leg.