4 Advanced Triceps Exercises to Blow up Your Arms

4 Advanced Triceps Exercises to Blow up Your Arms

You are facing up with a so-called tiny triceps syndrome? You are worrying about this very much? So keep calm now, we are here to help you. Below are exotic triceps exercises, along with 2 special variations which are powerful for you to deal with the issue yourself effectively.

Exercises are sometime compared to ice cream flavors. And people tend to pick up the popular varieties, such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Some people prefer the mainstream to things like chocolate espresso, butter pecan, or mango. And few other people want the combination of something different, for example, goat cheese cashew caramel.

Yeah, and the situation of exercises is similar. Most exercisers choose a handful of tried-and-true movements. A few others want to challenge themselves with new territory. And no matter they get familiar, when it comes to triceps day, exercises will be involved in exercises like dips, dips, and skullcrushers. The more exploratory exercises may come with various hand grip and body or bench positions as well, which provides you with some uniqueness in arm training.

And then, there is a group of five professional athletes, who gave us their own triceps preference which are really exceptional and effective.

Side cable triceps extension

Overview: This is an unpopular move. It focuses on shoulder height. To do it, you need to keep your shoulder stable and the upper arm of your working side needs to be high as well as parallel to the floor so that the movement will be limited to the elbow only. As you hold the cable with an overhand grip, stretch your arm in order to move your hand straight outward. This will help to squeeze your triceps with a complete extension. The weight then drags your hand back to the starting location in a pre-set fashion. It is recommended to do 3 or 4 sets with 10-15 minute for each toward the end of the workout.

Training secrets: It is important to maintain your upper-arm position if you want maximum muscular tension on the triceps. In case your elbow is about to stray, try to support and maintain its position with your opposite-side hand.

Side cable triceps extension

Triceps extension with smith machine

Overview: If you want the triceps in a completely different way, then this exercise is an ideal choice. It is also a unique movement for it makes uses of your body weight and sticks to a strange vector toward the bar.

As you do this routine, you can modify the resistance easily just by modifying your feet, making it an ideal choice for dropsets and supersets. This exercise doesn’t simply aim at the triceps, it also benefits core development because it involves your whole trunk to work for a proper form.

Training Tips: make sure that you start next to the bar and at fairly high position for comfort while moving. Only when you can finish the process with no breaking form, should you travel back and lower the bar. Always keep your head at neutral position while making the movement, plus, keep your elbows in stable position without getting to flare out.

There are some possible dropset changes in this movement that you need to note. Start at the top and continue your work on the down direction toward the Smith machine. There are 3 different training levels, of which the bottom is the hardest among the long-head movement. Try to complete the 3 three-part dropsets several times, and it you fail, try again.

Double cable kick-back

Overview: People have two different choices to perform kick-backs, using either a dumbbell or a single-arm cable. It brings about double benefits of the two exercises with just one movement. It is a great option to isolate the triceps and adhere to the peak contraction.

Using dumbbells for kick-backs is great, but people tend to start leaning with their body or let movement in their shoulder. About cables, it allows better focus on the triceps only.

Training Tips: It is recommended to install the cables for they are lightly under the place where your hands will finish its process in the bent position, which allows you to spread your arm in upward movement more naturally when reaching the final motion. So ensure that you’re curved over and parallel with the ground, and do not round your back.

If you are worried that you cannot make uses of much weight in this exercise, stop this. This exercise is supposed to be done slowly, with controlled reps, and adhere to the mind-muscle association and the peak contraction as well.

Double cable kick-back

Slope dumbbell triceps extension

Overview: This is one of great exercises by from Mike “Titan” O’Hearn. This talented expert has studied a lot about training with different angles, for both fully developing a muscle and working connective tissue, which in the end will probably be a limiting factor in your lifted weight.

To perform this exercise, first make a bench with a reasonable incline. The purpose here is to completely spread your arms the movement’s top and exercise throughout all motion via the elbow joint.

Training Tips: Once you take the dumbbells down to your chest, allow the weights to touch briefly on your chest, then continue with the next rep. This requires you to start a new rep from a dead stop and allows you to exercise via as long motion as possible. Plus, keep your upper arms stable in their place.

There are some seated upright changes when performing this movement. This makes sure that the active muscle works for the complete set since the weights don’t touch your body at the end of the rep. Some people try to involve a little shoulder action, but it can only make effects if your upper arms stay locked in place.

Final words

Above are 4 proven triceps exercises for blowing up your arms. They are all simple and easy to follow with the guarantee of good result. So if you want a muscle arms, they are really worth following.