18 Powerful Secrets For A Bikini Ready Body

18 Powerful Secrets For A Bikini Ready Body

Summer is a great time for trips to beaches. Here are 18 quick, easy and effective secrets to make sure that you will be in the best look in the beach.

18 Powerful Secrets For A Bikini Ready Body

Pay the first attention to your curves

Summer comes after winter when you seem to put on some weight. Do not worry, you can totally look attractive. The secret is to seek a bathing suit which shows your best features, and then the part which you are not very confident in will become not much less noticeable.

Have tan skin ready

Most people look better in a nice, golden tan. This is the reason why fitness competitor’s always put on tanning sprays before coming to the stage. You can also hide your overall leaner appearance and your muscles can also become noticeable in the same way. You can choose to have some sessions with a tanning bed, or put on a tanning spray if you are afraid of the bed effects from beds. Please feel free that your tan will look real, regardless of the way to get tan you choose.

Consider your carbs

Taking in much refined carbohydrates will help to enhance water retention. So let’s provide more carbohydrate for your body by eating more vegetable, fruits, and unprocessed grains.

Stay away from Carbonated Beverages

If you habits to drink too much diet soda, it may be time to give it up. This drink, while being a good dieting aids for staving off hunger and protect you from taking in too much calorie beverages, it includes carbonation which can make you look bloated. So as you are following a bikini ready body, it is recommended to change to try Diet Pepsi for a a huge amount of water with lime.

Don’t forget some intervals

To gain a real fat-loss burning, don’t forget to include several intervals to your cardio training process. It is proven that these intervals are much more efficient in burning body fat than staying with the exercise for a very long time at an easy pace.  Let’s exercise hard within about 30 seconds then make it half easier, if you are having a 20-30 –minute- training. Once you become more professional, you can either upturn the hard period or add more the work interval while reducing the rest period.


Dry skin makes you look dull and tends to make no improvement for your muscle tone. So exfoliate and put on some deep moisturizing cream, making your skin in the best shape possible and eliminating your perceived body flaws as well.

Stand Up Straight

Good posture is probably the most effective single factor to prepare for a bikini ready body. Pushing back your shoulders while keeping your head up will help to pull in your stomach, reinforce your back’s curvature and boost your confidence as well. Many people think confidence lies on the sexiest thing that others notice about you, so if let’s try to improve your posture to be more confident in your new bikini.

Take in more protein

Once you have food, your body will burn calories through the digestion process.

Protein digestion seems to use more calories, about 20-30%, while carbohydrates accounts for 10% and fat makes up about 2-3%. Let’s make a calculation, if you take in 100 calories of foods, you will only get total of about 75 calories for protein, 90 of them for carbs and 97 of them for fat. So while it is advisable to decrease calorie intake, get more of calories from protein is an ideal choice. However, to not consume too much, do not plan to have a 100% protein diet, just slightly increase the current percentage.

Take in more protein

Make some more squats

If you don’t get used to doing squats while exercising, it’s time to start. This additional exercise is to improve your lower physique.  The squats are helpful to lift your bum and tone your thighs at the same time. In addition, it’s naturally intense and, therefore, will be a powerful calorie burner. Finally, they will contribute to resulting in a good bikini body.

Remember your feet

Your feet may be a little less ready with sandals after being in shoes during long winter and spring. So follow a professional pedicure to have your feet look nice again.

Take in more water

Staying hydrated will help to make your skin look clearer as well as decrease bloating which you will possibly experience from the foods you eat. It is advisable to take in 7 to 8 glasses of water every day.

Walk uphill more

If you are interested in walking for cardio workouts, try walking up the hill. This will help to improve the intensity and benefit your glute muscles. If you want a tone at back side, this is a powerful cardio exercise which will bring about result quickly. You can alternative your sessions by walking on flat ground  or hilly path for endurance improvement.

Do not forget your back

Paying too much attention to legs and abs, many women forget that their backs also need caring. For an attractive bikini body, it’s worth working on your back.

Say no with horizontal stripes

When it comes to buying a bathing suit, you had better stay away from that of horizontal stripes. These bikini styles will make you look bigger than you are really, which almost every women want to to avoid. Alternatively, solid colors seem to be the best choice. Additionally, wear simple thing for the areas that you are not very confident in, for instance, if you have large hips, do not wear anything which ties around them, or you will catch others’ attention to this area.

Check one of reliable fat burners

As your trip to the beach is coming soon, you want to speed up your fat loss process. In this case, a reliable fat burner is a wise choice. There are a number of fat burner types available on the market, choose the one which is most suitable for you. The fat burners come with various ingredients which you need to consider carefully. Do not pick up the one which contains the ingredients that you are sensitive to or you don’t like. Choose the one which tailored to your demands instead.  The correct option will make considerable contribution to your process.

Always put in enough essential fats

Having enough essential fatty acids is very important to your body fat loss process. This will make sure that you will not be resistant to insulin and your body will be better at using carbohydrates. It is recommended to add about 6 grams a day, including both supplemental and food form.

Lesson your stress

If you worry too much about getting bikini body, your process will be badly affected. If you are under too much stress, your body will generate more cortisol, which will probably cause abdominal fat lack.

There are several ways for stress reduction, including attending a yoga class or taking a warm bath before bedtime. These are great and can make an obvious difference in your body appearance.

Keep yourself relaxed

Finally, create yourself a good time this summer. The better you feel, the better your image will be and then the more attractive you look. The feeling of relax can be created in various ways, simply, do not force yourself to wear an unwanted bathing.

Be comfortable that you are dedicated to for your fitness, so even if the worst thing that you haven’t been in your ideal body happen, you are at least healthier, so be confident to continue your routine.

Final Words

Above are 18 powerful secrets on good bikini body. They have been chosen by a wide range of users and brought about real result. So if you are planning to have a trip to beaches this summer, these secrets are really should-follow advice!