10 Guides on teenage bodybuilding

10 Guides on teenage bodybuilding

You are at teen age and planning a good-looking body as you grow up? SO these 10 efficient guides will be helpful for you. Keep reading for details!


1. I will do big lifting

Set your own goal and try to gain it by all means. Be always serious and intense when it comes to conducting the workout, but do not do an endless set. Do not neglect difficulties and try doing reps with certain level of intensity. If you fail, find the reason of failure, correct them and try to be better at the next set.

2. I will eat healthy

In fact, you have to have food for growing. So try to take in 30-40g of protein every meal, and have 6 small meals a day. Don’t seriously say no with fats and calorie , use them properly will benefit your process much.
Cut junk food, but do not absolutely stay away from it, having food like chicken breasts, pasta, tuna shakes, or chocolate milk occasionally doesn’t matter.

3. I need to sleep

Yeah, getting over from tiredness and stress after hard-working hours is important to body building process of teenage. It is advisable to have an average of 8 sleeping hours a night, and no less than 7. Keep in mind that you must sleep if you want to grow.


4. I will drink a great amount of water

It is a good idea to take a bottle of drink with you every time when you are not at home. Taking in around 6 liters of water a day will help to keep you hydrated enough to train at your best!

5. I will be serious and dedicated to the process

Unless you are sick or injured, you must conduct your workout. Once you want to skip, think of the reason why you start and your dream. You must be clear about your target before starting the process to gain it. You can get a reliable training partner so that you can motivate and encourage each other, sometimes you can learn helpful lesson from your partner.

6. I will do some squats

Yeah, never forget squats when it comes to building your body. Do it whenever it is possible. Provide that you have legs, an ambition to grow, and a fine back, you have to squat. This kind of exercise contributes to the development of a wide range of things, rather than just legs. It is said to be all-round body blaster. So let’s squat and see your real growth.

7. I’m ready for any changes

It is recommended to modify your routine frequently. The ideal period of time is every 3 to 6 weeks. The modification is various, including modifying the order that you carry out the exercise, alter your whole style, so on. Challenge yourself with some different difficulty levels, such as low reps, high reps, high sets, one set. Yeah, be brave and confident then you will see what works for you.

8. I claims no overtrain

Overtraining here means training the same body parts area within a constant period of 3 days. So do not overtrain like this. You can temporarily stop your session for 5 days for necessary recovery and growth. If you get injured or sick frequently, then it’s time to take a rest. Have 4-6 days off, and continue with it. You will be strong enough to put up with the exercise.

 I claims no overtrain

9. I will not neglect any injuries

Once you get injured, have a break. This is the time for your body to get recovery. Missing 2 weeks training, or getting ready to suffer from those injuries for good, what would you like? Yeah, your health, right? So be serious about your injuries.

10. I will do the workout correctly and properly

Mistakes are popular when it comes to building your body. So let’s try to be an exception by doing it correctly. Study good form and proper technique, the practice, slowly and carefully. Let’s try to gain a full range of motion and be among a few of those who are able to train properly.

Final words

Here are 10 basic tips when it comes to building body for teenage. They are easy to follow and promise potential result. So why are you still sitting there? Stand up and plan for your journey right now!